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08.29.15 La Pine State Park in La Pine, Oregon

lpsp 1 (Medium)Friday, August 28, 2015 – La Pine State Park, located next to the Deschutes River, is a beautiful place near our RV park. After resting all day yesterday I woke feeling my lungs had recovered enough for us to take a trip to see this State Park. the air quality must be really bad today because wee smelled smoke as soon as we left Dora which is normally not the case.

The park is home to Oregon’s largest ponderosa pine. Nicknamed “Big Red,” the tree is 162′ tall, with a circumference of 326 inches, diameter is 8.8 feet, and may be in excess of 500 years old. It is also recognized as an Oregon Heritage Tree. It’s estimated volume is 25,000 board feet. It was quite impressive, larger than we thought it would be. lpsp 2 (Medium)

lpsp 3 (Medium) lpsp 8 (Medium) lpsp 6 (Medium) lpsp 5 (Medium) lpsp roy lpsp roy 1

The bark on these types of pines is very different than normal pines. Here’s a picture of each so you can see this.

lpsp red (Medium)lpsp regular (Medium)

The other stop we made in this state park was the Don McGregor Viewpoint which provided an amazing view of the Deschutes River as it made a bend right in front of us.

lpsp dmcg sign (Medium)lpsp 11a (Medium)lpsp 9 (Medium)This place was very pretty but even in these pictures you can see some smoke in the air. There are a lot of camping sites with either electric only for $24 a day and full hookups for $26 a day.

We’re looking forward to a few days of rest before we get back on the road next week headed to the Redwood Forest in California!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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1 thought on “08.29.15 La Pine State Park in La Pine, Oregon”

  1. I am so happy for you guys! You look like you’re having a blast! Our country is indeed so beautiful and diverse – a testament to God’s power and goodness! Love you! Have fun and keep posting those awesome pictures!


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