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08.25.15 The High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 – We set out this morning headed for Lava Land but ended up stopping at The High Desert Museum first.  I’d read rave reviews of this museum on Trip Advisor but didn’t realize it was on our way!  It is another location within the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.

HDM Ent_0It is both an indoor and outdoor museum on 35 forested acres.  The indoor part is what we toured first. I really love seeing old stuff that was actually used in days gone by and this place has lots of it!  Volcanic eruptions and rivers shaped the museum site.  These exposed lava flows probably originated about 250,000 years ago from the Newberry Crater area, near here.

These first pictures are from the various areas of the indoor museum.

b13 (Medium) b12 (Medium) b11 (Medium) b10 (Medium) b9 (Medium) b8 (Medium) b7 (Medium) b5 (Medium) b3 (Medium) b2 (Medium) The next pictures are from the outdoors portion of the museum set amongst beautiful pines and flower bushes.  bo18 (Medium)  bo2 (Medium)bo3 (Medium) bo1 (Medium) bo roy (Medium) bo rosalyn (Medium) bo prey (Medium)One of the major outdoor exhibits is the Miller family ranch from 1904. The history of local homesteaders becomes vivid reality when you see the buildings on the Miller Ranch including the cabin, barn, corral, bunkhouse, root cellar and sawmill.  We got to see what life was like for local homesteaders more than a hundred years ago.  Kids get to do chores around the ranch such as digging in and watering the garden.  They could also enjoy playing one of several vintage games.

bo17 (Medium) bo16 (Medium) bo10 (Medium) bo9 (Medium) bo7 (Medium)bo8 (Medium) bo5 (Medium) bo4 (Medium) bo outhouse (Medium) b014 (Medium) b015 (Medium)

Another outside exhibit was the Otter Exhibit.  Two adorable otters played in the water and entertained us all!  There is a pathway that leads to an inside area where you can watch the otters above and below the water from a glass wall.  Very cool!  They are so cute to watch either inside ot outside.

botter entrance (Medium) botter 4 (Medium) botter 2 (Medium) botter 1 (Medium)The Otter exhibit wrapped up our visit to this museum.  The picture right above is looking at the glass windows people can look out of! This was a really nice surprise to get to tour this beautiful place today!  We went to Lava Land after this but I’ll share those tomorrow!  We plan to go back on Wednesday or Thursday to see the Lava Land Cave and the La Pine State Park, both of which are near by.

We received word from our friends Russ and Annie that they will not be at Cape Blanco in Oregon as planned.  Russ’ dad is dying and his mom needs their help.  He’s now in hospice care and they are on their way to Nevada now.  Please pray for Russ and his family during this time.  We’ll catch up with them somewhere along the way!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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