Northwest Journey

08.20.15 On the way to Oregon

Idaho-welcome20150818_111508 Oregon_welcome_sign Thursday August 2019, 2015 –   The photos along the side and at the bottom are from our drive leaving Montana, through Idaho, Washington and into
Oregon!use 1 20150819_125148 (Medium) 20150819_125106 (Medium)  20150819_123957 (Medium)    Once we crossed the state line into Idaho we are in the Pacific Time Zone which makes us two hours behind our Louisiana family.    20150817_184849 (Medium) 20150817_111049

We left Deer Lodge, Montana on Monday, stayed at the RV repair shop at Western States CAT for several hours, and then on to Walmart in Smelterville, Idaho Monday night. Beautiful cool night with temperatures in the low 50s.

Tuesday morning we set out for Washington where we spent the night at another great Walmart in Kinnewick, Washington.

The parking lot at the Kinnewick Walmart had a sign saying no overnight camping. I asked about that at the Customer Service desk.  I  was told that we could in fact park there, but should stay at the front of the lot. It’s always best to ask especially if you see one of those No Parking Signs. We’ve always been told it’s okay, even at places with the signs.

We loaded up with groceries for the month and struggled with the 80 degree heat making it difficult to fall asleep. Brilliant me bought a pizza to cook which made it even hotter in the RV. The highlight of our evening was Skyping with Madisyn and Chip. Love those two and love skyping with them!

Wednesday morning we set off for Oregon where we will stay for two weeks at La Pine, Oregon at Cascade Meadows RV Resort – a Coast to Coast resort.

The night before we Washington, Roy and I checked our four house batteries and found they needed replacing.  In the morning we went straight to Tri County Batteries shop in Kinnewick where the ugly old batteries were replaced by brand new shiny ones.  Again we received immediate great service!  No warranty to cover this, so we shelled out $700 and went on our way in less than an hour.


20150819_094401  20150819_094312

Traveling through Washington and Oregon was fairly uneventful – at first.  A beautiful large lake ran by the road we drove through most of northern Oregon.  The middle of the lake was the state line for Washington and Oregon. These are some of the sights along the way.

We saw two signs along the way we’d never see in Louisiana.  One is a sign showing where to drive your Run Away Truck and the other indicating where to Put on or Remove your tire chains.  Here’s the pictures use 2Along the way we were getting on the interstate and Roy saw a bunch of large white onions on the side of the road.  Crazy folks that we are, we pulled over and he went back to pick them all up.  Around a dozen very large white onions, just there for the taking!  I spent quite a bit of time today peeling, washing, chopping and slicing them getting ready to use them at some later date!!

Here’s Roy on the interstate picking the onions up!

20150819_111308 (Medium)

This was a hard three days of traveling since we stopped for repairs twice and it was just a long distance.  We originally planned to stop in Idaho for two weeks but fires there caused us to make new reservations further away from where we are in Oregon at Cascade Meadows RV Resort.

On our way traveling through Oregon, we passed by an amazing sight but we whizzed by it.  Then we saw right up ahead a place to pull off the highway to walk back and see the sight!  I’m going to work on a separate blog post about the gorgeousness we saw there.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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