Northwest Journey

08.17.15 Yay for Western States CAT!!!!!

UPDATE ON OUR TRAVELS:  Monday morning, August 17, 2015.

We pulled out of western states catour RV spot at Indian Creek Campground in Deer Lodge, Montana thinking we were headed for Spokane, Washington.

HOWEVER – Roy saw that Dora’s batteries weren’t charging and knew we must take action.  He got on the phone with a Caterpillar (our engine) shop, Western States CAT in Missoula, MT about 90 miles away.  They said to bring her in so we headed that way.  Not knowing if the batteries would give out we prayed the whole way there! God does answer prayers!

When we arrived they took us into a work bay immediately.  They determined it was the alternator that is not working at all, causing the batteries to drain.  They called around, found a new one and received it within the hour.  Thankful again that we have an extended warranty, what could have cost us several hundred only cost us $100 (our deductible).  This place is fantastic, all their employees have been more than helpful while we sat comfortably in our RV playing on the computer or watching television!!!

Scott and Cody who kept us in the loop the whole time and sent us off with a smile!  Here’s Cody!

20150817_173613 We were able to leave the same day we pulled in, go to Walmart to do some much needed grocery shopping and spend the night there.  This turned out to be just a hiccup in the big scheme of things!  It puts us behind schedule by a little bit but not enough to affect too much!

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate how quickly they took us in and serviced Dora.  Thanks Western States CAT for being a great company!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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