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08.16.15 Old Prison Museum – Deer Lodge, Montana

20150814_120818 (Medium)Sunday, August 16, 2015 – Our second stop on Friday touring local museums was the Old Montana Prison which is now used as a museum.

Bands of outlaws and Vigilantes roamed early Montana Territory leaving a path of destruction and death.  In an attempt to tame the Wild West, a prison was established in Deer Lodge in 1871.  Constructed primarily with convict labor, Old Montana Prison was an active prison until 1979 when it was moved to a new site four miles west of town.  The Old Montana Prison is listed on the national register of Historic Places.

As you will see, a lot of the prison is still set up as it was when in use.  It was kind of creepy knowing we were touring where murders and other criminals were housed while incarcerated.  They gave us a booklet that walks you through the self guided tour.  Numbered markers in front of a specific spot correspond with information about the spot in the booklet.  Really well laid out.

The Gallows inside the TheatreThe Gallows inside the Theatre.; This execution scaffolding is one of few hanging gallows remaining in the United States. It’s called the Galloping Gallows because it can easily be moved from one location to another.

20150814_125731 (Medium)
Outdoor prison cells
20150814_125550 (Medium)
Rosalyn having even more fun at the front gate to the old prison
20150814_124041 (Medium)
Prison Chapel
20150814_123411 (Medium)
General population prison with the guard in a fenced in area to the right.
20150814_122838 (Medium)
This is one of the works of art inside a cell – freaked me out!
20150814_122642 (Medium)
One of the cells they put you in if you were a problem.

  20150814_125718 (Medium)20150814_125405 (Medium)   20150814_124945 (Medium)      20150814_123459 (Medium)   20150814_122433 (Medium)     20150814_121919 (Medium) 20150814_121910 (Medium) 20150814_121800 (Medium) 20150814_121652 (Medium)The sign on the sidewalk below is the farthest the prisoners could go in a certain direction without being shot!

20150814_121348 (Medium)  20150814_121221 (Medium) Some very odd artwork was found in a few locations around the prison.  Here’s pictures of some of it! That ended our tour of the Old Montana Prison.  Ya’ll come back now,ya’ hear!

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