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08.09.15 – Y RV?

10492165_10152489539708903_3852041808756035049_n Sunday, August 9, 2015 –  Bob & Michelle Hazlett are fellow RVillagers who also write a blog. Theirs is called Follow the Cougar!  Their post on Thursday describes so well the wonderful world of RVing.  I have to share it since I don’t think I could write a better piece on why we love this life.


Y RV? by Bob and Michelle Hazlett

Recently while browsing some of the blogs I follow, I came upon this interesting challenge: “Pick something you are passionate about and describe it in the context of all five senses”. I took that challenge and here is the result.

In my later years, after too many in a suit with a mortgage, I became a full-time RVer. I love it; I wish I had started thirty years earlier; I wish I could do it forever; I hope to be doing it on the day I die. I used to hate Sunday afternoon because of impending Monday morning. No more. Between now and the end of my days, all the romance of the open road is real for me and I face every day with eager anticipation. This life excites all five senses every day.

When traveling, the ever changing view through my windshield exhilarates me – mountains, valleys, plains, rivers; summer, autumn, winter, spring; awesome sunrises, spectacular sunsets. When parked, new places intrigue me – old forts, lighthouses, museums, ghost towns, truck stops, small town diners, backwoods campgrounds, the couple in the next campsite. Wherever I am, I love the scene that greets me every morning when I open my door.

Pulling on an old shirt, jeans, and boots to head out for a day to be spent my way is both comforting and exciting. I never use a watch and seldom a calendar. What time I go out doesn’t matter; what time I come home matters even less. Like everyone, my life was a mixture of success and failure, hits and misses, good decisions and bad. My age and my RVing lifestyle make me comfortable with the idea that none of that matters now – and in reality never did.

Fresh coffee brewing over a campfire, campfire smoke, diesel fumes at a busy truck stop, the smell of horses and cows on a ranch, the smell of the ocean or a mountain pine forest all tickle my nose and make me feel good inside. The smell of ozone in the air after an afternoon cloudburst on the eastern side of a mountain range somewhere makes the world smell clean.

God’s greatest creation was bourbon in a tin cup. I usually sip that quietly at sunset in a nice place. Close behind is that fresh brewed coffee in the morning. But I also love lobster and clams at a New England Lobster Pound and Tex–Mex in a little border town on the Rio Grande. Then there is the home cooked special at a little non–descript Momma’s restaurant along some back road in the middle of nowhere that turns out to be a meal I’ll never forget.

The purr of diesel engines in a truck stop; the night sounds in a campground; birds in the morning; screaming tires on the highway; the bugling of an elk on a frosty autumn morning are all part of my world. But the best sound of all is the clang of my fifth – wheel hitch slamming shut signaling the start a new adventure.

I’m sure glad God gave me five senses so I wouldn’t miss any of it.

Now wasn’t that wonderful!  If you’re leaning towards RVing I”m hopeful it will give you what you need to begin the transition.  Here’s a link to this post and their blog if you’d like to read more of what they write!

Slide4Roy and I will be leaving Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs, Montana Monday morning no later than 9 am headed to Deer Lodge, Montana.  We’ll stop in Helena again on the way to Deer Lodge to visit the dentist,  pick up a package at UPS and prescriptions.  Then we’ll go on to Deer Lodge to stay at Indian Creek Resort.  It’s a Good Neighbor Park within the Coast to Coast system.  GNPs cost us trip points which we either buy through the system or transfer points from our Coast to Coast Credit Card.  We accumulated enough points from the credit card to buy us almost a week’s stay at two Good Neighbor Parks.

We’ve enjoyed this time in White Sulphur Springs.  We love how the park has twice a week ice cream socials and the owner share s a bit about the area and things to see.  Wish more parks did that.

This time here allowed us a good bit of downtime for me to read and get caught up onGlacier-National-Park-10 household things.  Roy spent a lot of his time upgrading our two laptops and his desktop to Windows 10.  It’s nice to have some slow, peaceful time in between all the adventures!  We’ll be much nearer to Glacier National Park tomorrow and plan to take a couple of days next week to see it all!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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