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08.05.15 How to downsize your home to an RV – reblogged from Stephanie Henkel, and other recent events!

DonnaBDAugust 5, 3015 – I remembered what special person’s birthday is this week (it wasn’t Monday) and that is my former boss and current good friend Donna Methvien!  Happy Birthday Donna from the Chauvins in Montana!!

20150804_140006I read a blog post written by someone else today and want to share it here.  We love our RV life so much that I’m hopeful others will join us as soon as they can in having some of the fun.  To make this transition most of have downsized from all the “stuff” we collected in our sticks and bricks home to what we could “reasonably” take with us in our RVs.

Montana State Capitol building

Diesel Pushers (which is the Class A type we have) are capable of carrying much more weight than any other type RV so knowing the type of RV you want to live in should probably be a first step before getting rid of most things!  We can carry with us a couple dozen storage containers with off season clothes, tools, computer parts (yes Roy has many of those underneath) and just about anything we really want to carry with us.

The blog whose link is included below was written by Stephanie Henkel. I think it’s the most thorough guide on what to think about and consider as you are doing this.  Beginning that journey is difficult but once you begin it you feel such a freeing release from all that “stuff” that you willing get rid of more!  I can honestly say that NONE of the “stuff” of mine that left our life has ever been missed.  In addition to ours being a diesel pusher, it’s pretty large so I have ample storage space inside and out.

Here’s the link:

The first fast food places we’ve seen in several weeks! This is in Helena, Montana. The state capitol city.

Feel free to bookmark either this blog or hers for that time when you get the itch for freedom!  I can guarantee you it’s worth doing all of this for.

We’ve decided that when we do make the transition back into stationary living we will still live in our RV.  We probably will continue traveling in the summer months to get away from the heat.  And (we’re giving her mom and dad some warning) we’d love, love, love to take Madisyn with us on those summer adventures at least for part of the summer!

I just came back from the Hutterite’s farmers market in White Sulphur Springs (3 minutes from our RV park).  They had many wonderful things and I tried to buy a bunch.  The ladies and the man selling are so friendly and informative.  The man brought all my purchases to the truck for me.  I learned that they do not mind having their picture taken if it is not going to be published.  I, of course wanted to do that, so I just took a picture of their produce and their pricing board.

If any RVers or other travelers are ever in the area I highly recommend coming by here on Wednesdays from 3 – 7 pm in the Hot Springs Motel parking lot!

20150805_150610 20150805_150620One of the items we bought was what I found out is called kohlrabi.  I’ve learned that it has a cabbage, turnip flavor.  I’m trying to eat healthier and love to eat fresh raw vegetables so this one will probably get eaten raw!

20150805_155423This was the beautiful temperature here at 9 am this morning.  It only got up to 75 by the heat of the day.  Love it!


We’re heading over to the RV park’s office to enjoy their ice cream social where we’ll have some Moose Tracks (see picture near the top!)

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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