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07.04.15 God bless America! Fourth of July BBQ and Rodeo in Big Piney, Wyoming

Patriotic_Fireworks_ClipartSaturday, July 4, 2015 -America is living strong and well in Wyoming.  From the local BBQ open free to everyone, to the All American Rodeo today we saw a lot of America’s best in these welcoming and warm people.  We sang the National Anthem while a young lady on horseback carried the American flag around the arena.


This was followed by a real prayer!  How sad that we live in a country now where prayer is not always said before every public event.  Today felt so wholesome and American, I was delighted to be a part of it.

At least a thousand people ate at the Big Piney Chuckwagon BBQ today.  It was held at the Sublette County Fairgrounds in a beautifully set up building.  Whole families – grandparents, children and grandchildren – came to the event in droves!

20150704_110155 20150704_113440 20150704_113547We enjoyed BBQ beef on bun, baked beans, potato salad, tomato wedges and pink lemonade.

20150704_111004The building where the food was served filled up quickly and we joined others outside under a covered structure to enjoy our food.

20150704_112645Between the BBQ and the Rodeo we had about an hour so we drove down the road  to an amazing huge country style store that offered anything you could want.  From plumbing, electrical, school supplies, sewing supplies, party decorations, children and adult clothing and bathroom supplies and a lot more.  It’s not a Walmart or anything like that but we enjoyed seeing everything and spending some time there. There must have been a thousand antlers out front – for sale!!20150704_122207 20150704_120704The Rodeo was at the same Sublette County Fairgrounds and featured mostly high schoolers and a few kids.  There was Bull Riding, Calf Roping, Saddle Broncing, Break Away Roping, Team Roping, Open Barrels and Youth Barrels plus a Calf Scramble with the children.

20150704_124833 20150704_125753We sat in the stands for about half the rodeo and after baking to a golden red (even with our Saints umbrella!) decided to get in the truck and drive up on the hillside where we could sit in the a/c or in the nice breeze up there.  Roy took out a folding chair, laid back and watched the rodeo from there!

20150704_125031 20150704_125103 20150704_125326 20150704_131803 20150704_133401 20150704_142245 20150704_144123 20150704_144251While it wasn’t professional rodeo people, it was great fun to watch and be part of the Wyoming culture.  Today was absolutely the best I’ve felt about America in a long time.  My heart breaks that it is this way.

After the rodeo we headed back to our RV but took a side trip through the backroads up, down and around the mountains.  I’ll share that adventure with ya’ll tomorrow!

Ya’ll come back, ya’ hear!

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3 thoughts on “07.04.15 God bless America! Fourth of July BBQ and Rodeo in Big Piney, Wyoming”

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, we love rodeos that are in the little towns! We try to find things to do in small towns to help support small town America. Nice to know that prayer is still being said at different functions.


    1. The prayer was one highlight of our day. We even saw others praying before eating their meal. That shouldn’t be a rarity but it is. The little towns usually tell the real story of the area we’re in. I love them!


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