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06.25.15 Wrapping up our stay in Monument, CO and what’s to come!

go rvingFriday, June 25, 2015

We left Colorado Heights RV Resort in Monument, Colorado Thursday morning.  We headed over to Diamond Campground in Woodland Park, Colorado.  This was a 38 mile trip.  It was that far because you can’t go over the mountain to get there you  have to go around it which makes it much further.  We never have mountains to go around in Louisiana so this is a new driving consideration.

We were only able to stay at Colorado Heights 12 days out of our usual 14 days at a Coast2Coast-Corporate-4Clow1Deluxe park in the Coast to Coast System.  The reason is that most Coast to Coast parks reserve several days before and after a holiday (July 4th) for their home park visitors.  Our home park with Coast to Coast is TLC RV Resort on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. Between Tuesday and Wednesday we saw at least half of the RVs parked here leave.  The locals will start coming in and stay until after July 4th.

rv campingThe drive to Diamond Campground as beautiful. We are now more “in the mountains”  as opposed to being “near the mountains” like we were at Colorado Heights.

Diamond Campground is a Passport America park in Woodland Park, Colorado where we will stay for five days.  We pay half their normal charge through our Passport America membership.  Our daily rate at this park is $18 per day. I would highly recommend joining if you haven’t.  Their membership and annual renewal is somewhere around $50 and you’ll save that the first couple of days you use the membership.

Diamond Campground is a lovely park.  Several people live here all Summer and have attractively decorated their yards with flowers, rocks, flags, solar lights.  At night their yards come to life with all sorts of solar decorations.  We saw a deer (possibly a moose) hanging around the area across the street from us for a few hours in the evening.  We will only be here 5 days but I’m liking it a lot already.  Oddly enough, as close as we are now to where we were at Colorado Heights it is much cooler here.  I love it!

Our most recent travel plan was to head towards Gunnison, CO when we leave Woodland Park, CO.  We had reservations there but have since cancelled them.  We’ve been in Colorado for almost 4 weeks and now we feel it’s time to head north to Wyoming and Montana.  We have until early October to see the northern US before snow starts in that area.  So that’s the new plan – always subject to change!  Part of this new plan includes a week of boondocking somewhere in Yellowstone Park!  If anyone has stayed in Yellowstone Park I welcome any suggestions for great places to boondock.

My heart goes out to the families of the nine church members killed last week in South Carolina.  I am more than dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsgreatly impressed with the way their fellow church members and towns folk have handled this horrible tragedy.  The love in their hearts could only come from God.  Their faith in God, along with people just using their brains for a change, made this a tragedy that I hope other towns will learn from on how to handle it.  God is the only source of strength that can get you through times like this.  Just knowing that all nine of the deceased were at a Wednesday night Bible Studies tells me that they were probably all Christians.  The moment they died they are blessed to get to live with God FOREVER.  WOW is the best word I can use to express that!

SKYPEWe’ve begun Skypeing with Madisyn and Chip and it works out really well.  We’d love to Skpe with any of ya’ll that can and want to.  Skype is free.  You can see us and we can see you when we talk.  Download it and learn about it.  Then let us know!!  I don’t know enough about it to walk you through it but if you can figure it out we’d love to visit!

Ya’ll have a great weekend!  I’ll be doing my 6 hours of work for RVillage and we’ll be checking out the new area we are in.  RVillage has over 25,000 members.  If you RV please join – it’s free! We found a great church in Monument (Monument Hill SBC Church) so we may go back there this Sunday.  The sermon topic will be a Christian’s faith vs the World’s faith.  Sounds very interesting and the pastor was really good last week.  We also loved the small church feel and the fact they sang hymns we knew!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

psalm 4 8

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