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06.22.15 Part 2 – Denver Broncos’ Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Monday, June 22, 2015 – Part 2

Located less than 50′ from the site of original Mile High Stadium, Sports Authority Field at Mile High standselevation-updated at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, a characteristic that remains today as one of the most internationally recognized of any sports venue in the world. For visiting teams, coming to a an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level to play a football game presents physical and mental challenges that are always part of an opponents game plan.  I think it looks like a regular stadium that melted some in the sun!  It was actually designed to look like this!

stadium_denver Sports Authority Field at Mile High seats 76,125 fans on five levels of seating, including 144 luxury suites. While seating only two more fans than original Mile High Stadium, Sports Authority Field is more than twice as large, encompassing a total of 1.8 million square feet. It was constructed at a cost of $ 400.7 million dollars and opened on August 11, 2001.



Part of the main entrance to Sports Authority Field at Mile High


This is a party room that represents the 5,280 mile high location


Our tour group

20150622_12541350 feet from the current stadium in the new parking lot was the location of the previous Mile High Stadium.


The new Jumbo-tron at the Broncos stadium


The writers press room went on and on way past what this picture should show. It has a capacity of 400 writers. You’ll see more of it below.


Each section of the writers press room has three levels of chairs and tables.


Looking out the windows in one of the writers press room.


The Bronco’s field is currently configured for Lacrosse.


This isn’t one of those random pictures taken by accident. This is the ceiling in the broadcast production booth. It’s a pitiful looking room which is transformed for each game into what the production people want it to be.


This is one of the walk ways leading to the stadium. The white objects you see (tiny as they may be in the pictures) represent various parts of football equipment. A kicker’s tee, bottom of cleats, etc.


Looking out from some of the seats in one party room. These rooms are rented for $15,000 and up per game.


This ultra plain room is the referees dressing room. Outside their door was a braille room designation tag. Kinda goes along with the common fans thought that the refs are blind!


Part of the beer distribution system.


Just part of the huge bottled and canned beer storage. Roy’s lurking around in the back on the right!


Another part of the beer distribution system. It’s all kept in one place and distributed through hoses to all over the stadium.


The medical room from the door – again visitors room – the Bronco’s is much much bigger and nicer but that is not part of the tour!


Panoramic picture of the medical room from a different view. Click on it to see it larger. Then back click to return to the blog.


Some of the visitor’s dressing room. In the Bronco’s dressing room it’s one big much nicer room. They do that for unity. They divide the visitor’s to help divide them!


A lot of the stadium from the end zone. This is also a panoramic picture which looks better if you click on it to enlarge it.


Close up of the Bronco in the end zone


One pooped but happy old couple resting at the end of the tour!

20150622_133857The view as we were leaving the stadium.


This was a really nice day for two sports enthusiasts!  The cost for the tour was $20 each, significantly more than the $8 each for the Colorado Rockie’s tour.  We both felt that the Rockie’s ballpark was much nicer than the Bronco’s stadium.  One thing I do know is that touring the Rockie’s field surrounded by so much baseball really deepened my love for the sport.  Oddly enough as many times as we’ve seen the Braves play at Turner Field we’ve never taken the tour there.  Maybe, one day!

We’re resting for a couple of days before heading on Thursday to a different RV park in Woodland Park, Colorado which is not far from here.

Roy wrote a blog post about a part he made for our RV front door lock.  I’ll get that together and posted tomorrow!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear

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