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06.15.15 The Chauvin’s take on Pike’s Peak!!

10448807_10152579783948945_2726474839096275761_nMonday, June 15, 2015 –  Today Roy and I took on something I wasn’t sure we’d be able to complete.  We drive in Boots (our truck) up the 19 mile journey to the top of Pike’s Peak which is at an elevation of 14,110 feet.  I knew, of course, we could do it in our car (absolutely not hiking) but I was very concerned about altitude sickness and we did great with that, not a problem!

I don’t have a vocabulary big enough to describe all we saw and the beauty of it.  When God created the Earth I’m pretty sure He thought something like “Maybe I’ll create a little Heaven here on Earth and put it in Colorado!!”

Because of the abundance of pictures I’ll separate this into two blog posts.  Please remember that I post a lot more pictures than you may want to see but I do it for us for our memories.  We are saving a lot of these on our computer in a separate folder for screen savers.  Feel free to save any you’d like to do the same thing with.

To say we were two happy old folks ALL DAY isn’t saying enough about how much we loved this! Around every corner was another breathtaking view.  Us little Louisiana folks from the flat lands were deeply moved by the mountains, clouds, snow, boulders, and pine trees. The pictures directly below are from our drive up the mountain.  Yes the first one is a sign saying Pikes Peak Highway AND North Pole.  There is a North Pole here with lots of Christmas rides and shops.  We stopped there on our way home and found out it is free for folks 60 and over.  That’s us so we’ll be visiting there one day soon.  It is $12 per person to enter the Pike’s Peak Highway.

20150615_110643 20150615_111846 20150615_112307 20150615_112419 20150615_112501 20150615_114002 20150615_115348This is where I started squealing when we started seeing snow!  The temperatures dropped over the trip upward to the summit and were in the low 30s by the time we reached the top.  20150615_115610 20150615_115814 20150615_120006 20150615_120040 20150615_120245 20150615_120252 20150615_120425 20150615_120443 20150615_120551 20150615_120713 20150615_121050 20150615_121246 20150615_121521When we reached the Summit of Pike’s Peak we were well above the clouds and above many of the surrounding mountains with snow on top.  Going from looking up at mountains to being above the mountains and looking down is such a change in perspectives, it’s exhilarating!

20150615_123815 is a place at the Summit where you can walk out safely and see the sights below.  It is said that those sights prompted Katherine Lee Bates to write the song America the Beautiful.  There are plaques there describing this, and one with the words of the song.

20150615_130249 20150615_130257

I just realized this blog post doesn’t have an end. Don’t know what happened to it over the years!

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