Northwest Journey

06.14.15 Along the way to and in Colorado Heights RV Park

10178093_342910769197092_5000442774910047737_nSunday, June 14, 2015 – Roy and I are now 1,249 miles from our home in Amite, Louisiana!  We left Amite on May 5th, 40 days ago!  We’ve seen so much already, but the part of this journey we’ve looked forward to the most begins now!


Along the way from Seibert, Colorado to Monument, Colorado we saw:

wind mills
Hundreds of wind mills as far as we could see.
wind mill blades
Four 18 wheelers each carrying one of the four blades needed to build a windmill

Some pictures of the mountains as we approached them.  I felt like a kid seeing them.  These pictures don’t do justice to the beauty God created in this amazing place!

mountain up closemountains moreI’m sure I’ll have more pictures to share of Colorado Heights RV Park but these are some from when we first pulled in.  We are at an elevation of 7300+ and are feeling okay.  I’m hopeful that’s a good sign for when we go higher into the mountains.   Since our home in Louisiana is at 0 elevation this is a big change for us.  Colorado Heights is a very big park and has a lot to do here with a lot of beauty to do it in!

new chairs and mat
These are our new rockers and recliners we picked up at Sam’s Club on our way in today. There is another anti-gravity recliner that we’ll keep sometimes inside, it’s tan.  We purchased the Fleur de Lis mat a while back but this was our first time using it.  Couldn’t decide between going with subdued colors or bright and bold.  Guess you can tell which way we went!
tan lounger with table
The tan recliner we’ll keep inside mostly. It matches our furniture real well!
colorado heights rv park
That’s Dora and Boots on the left side in this picture.
colorado heights view
This view of the mountains (and I don’t know what mountains they are yet!) is from right by our spot.
looking up at rv from trail
We are parked above a natural trail which I walked some of trying to find out what it was! These two pictures taken of Dora from below are from the natural trail.

way down on the trail looking up

As nice as it is here we did arrive to some bad news.  Two weeks ago Roy ordered a 10931306_1097965880229685_8471053185574325462_n new door lock for our RV front door and had it shipped here to Colorado Heights RV Park.  When we arrived on Saturday morning, they told us that it came but they sent it back.  The reason is that even though we made reservations three weeks ago through the Coast to Coast system, it doesn’t show up in the specific resort’s system until the day before we arrive.  They had searched through all their reservations and saw nothing for us so they sent it back.

Roy, being the brilliant man that he is 11011842_931209490253621_3955828387081218897_nstopped everything he was doing and called the Monument Post Office and they located it.  If he hadn’t called exactly when he did, they would have sent it back to the company.  They now have it arranged to be delivered back here on Monday.  Yes we did let the resort know it’s coming again!  We received a precious card from Madisyn with her Kindergarten picture in it and handwritten totally by herself.  So happy they didn’t send that back too!  They were very apologetic for what happened and since we’re getting the package on Monday, it’s all good!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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