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06.07.15 So long Kansas, Hello Colorado, Buffalo Bill and an Auction!

1236501_422437521193484_750384437_nSunday, June 7, 2015 – We saw no tornadoes overnight Friday night, whew! There were 5 that touch down to the east of us a bit. The temperature was in the 60s with a nice breeze which allowed Roy and I to sleep like logs, and actually over sleep till 10 am this morning!

Our drive this morning to Seibert, Colorado Friday morning was only two hours long (but as usual took us 4 hours). This was nice after Roy driving a lot of hours yesterday so that we wouldn’t have to drive so far today. We took two nice long breaks yesterday which I guessed helped him keep driving. One thing about driving in this wind in Kansas is that when another RV or 18 wheeler goes by us in the opposite direction and is close to us, it does something to the suction in our front window and sounds like they are crashing into us. A bit frightening. When Roy moved closer to the side of the road it was much better. He said it was 20121_648833955246578_3406114187214131376_nvery difficult driving in that.

The time changes to Mountain Time in Colorado so we are now one hour behind our Louisiana folks. In Louisiana it’s 4:00 pm, here it is 3:00 pm.

There are two things I want to share today. One is our stop at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center and the second is an Auction we just went to.

The Buffalo Bill Cultural Center has two bigger than huge statues on the premises! One is of Buffalo Bill on a horse shooting a rifle at the other statue of a buffalo. You can see how big they are compared to us in the pictures. There was an information station outside which I took pictures of since it contained lots of information about Buffalo Bill.

We didn’t know about the Buffalo Bill place, but saw a sign along the highway and thought we’d check it out. It’s amazing how these little places have such wonderful history to share!

20150605_165439 20150605_165322 20150605_165245 20150605_165209We stopped at the Colorado Welcome Center and came away with over a foot high of information about things to see. I love those Welcome Centers!

20150606_124150  20150606_130121We’ve arrived at Shady Grove RV Campground in Seibert, Colorado. It has only 30 RV spots and most are people who live here. We have great Satellite here but almost zero internet from time to time, which is a problem since I need to work this weekend. Good thing I did most of my work while we were on the road earlier. Roy climbed on top of the RV and attached an antenna but it‘s not helping any.

We saw that down the road about a block from here there were a bunch of people gathered around a tent. Then we 11557_652916588091084_3757973259288634135_nsaw an Auction sign. We asked about it and it’s an estate sale where they are selling everything. If we had a house Roy would have scooped up on many things. It kind of looked like when we sold our house and his tools and equipment except in Auction form! They had a professional auctioneer and lots of people were there. I think I like garage sales better because if you see something you can get it at a garage sale. If you see something you want at an auction you have to wait (possibly several hours) until they get to that item.  It was cool actually hearing the auctioneer do his speedy talking!

There are no mountains around here that we can see.  Wish there were!!  Ya’ll have a great week.  If we can’t publish our blog posts we’ll save them up!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


2 thoughts on “06.07.15 So long Kansas, Hello Colorado, Buffalo Bill and an Auction!”

  1. Funny – not at all what I pictured Colorado to look like – I’m sure the landscape is more diverse than we usually see on tv/internet. Those statues really dwarfed you guys! Cool!


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