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06.06.15 Dalton Gang Hideout, Meade, Kansas

saturdaySaturday, June 6, 2015 – Along our travels in Kansas we stopped in the pretty little city of Meade to see the Dalton Gang Hideout. We pulled Dora and Boots up in front and went in to visit!

20150605_12284220150605_11520920150605_11530720150605_115421You enter through the gift shop (of course!) which was the original barn. Then travel to the house through the underground stone tunnel which was originally a dirt and beams 3 foot high tunnel when used by the Dalton Gang back in the late 1800 to get to the barn and hide out in the loft.  The 95 foot long tunnel was reconstructed to make it passable for the average person in 1940.  Each room in the old house is set up like it was back in the 1887 with period clothing, artifacts and furniture.  These pictures are from the house that the Dalton Gang’s sister lived in and they visited to hide out. Also the tunnel going from the house to the barn.  20150605_115715   20150605_120024 20150605_120043 20150605_120110     Above the tunnel is a museum with lots of cool stuff.  Most of it has nothing to do with the Dalton Gang but it’s all about the time period in the late 1800s.  I especially loved the school books and the piano.

20150605_120940  20150605_121030   20150605_121122 20150605_121203 20150605_121317 20150605_121412Out back of the house, tunnel and museum is a mocked up old west town.  We of course posed for pictures!

20150605_122141 20150605_122153 20150605_122236 20150605_122257 20150605_122329While we were there we also toured another house, not part of the Dalton Gang museum.  It is said to be one of the first Sears Roebuck Catalog mail order houses. It too was set up just like back in the day with each room just like it would have been when people lived there.  I looked up these types of houses and they sold for under $1,000 which probably was expensive back then.20150605_122854  20150605_123146 20150605_123215 20150605_123316  20150605_123457 20150605_123530   20150605_123643Thus ended our walk through homes back in the olden days.  Very nice little stop off the highway.  It’s only $5 for the museum, house and tunnel.  The Sears Roebuck house is free and you just walk your way through.

From the time we left the RV park in Halstead until Colby Kansas we have seen many many miles of nothing but wheat fields (I think it’s wheat!) and open land.  It is crazy how much of nothing there is out here.  The towns have mostly been tiny except for a couple and the oil wells plentiful!

We did our grocery shopping for the week and are spending the night at Walmart in Colby, Kansas which is two hours from our destination of Seibert, Colorado.  It’s nice and breezy and well below the hot temperatures we’ve been seeing!!!!  Whoop, whoop!  Good sleep tonight at Walmart!!! We’re in tornado territory and AGAIN under a tornado watch here.  Go away tornados!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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