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06.05.15 COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson, Kansas

Friday, June 5, 2015 -Before we leave Kansas I have to comment about the wind here.  It’s crazy ridiculous.  I thought it was just the first day here, but every day has been over 25 mph winds.  Last night we even had 50 mph gusts, the RV was just a swaying! The weather people report it like it’s normal, guess it is. Today’s gusts were in the mid 30 mph.  I had such a hard time functioning outside that I could just imagine if you let a little child go outside untethered they may fly away.  I’m quite serious about that statement.  I sat outside to get some sun earlier this week and before I could get any tan going I got windburned.  Other than that it’s been sunny the entire time we’ve been here which was quite a welcomed relief after the days and weeks of dalton gang hideoutrain until now.

While ya’ll are reading this on Friday morning, we are back on the road again in Dora, heading to Meade, Kansas where we’ll be visiting the Dalton Gang Hangout and spending the night. This will end our stay in Kansas.

cosmosphereOn Wednesday after we left Strataca, we went not far away to COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. The Cosmosphere has four venues: The Hall of Space Museum, The Justice Planetarium, The Carey Digital Dome Theatre, and Dr. Goddard’s Lab, which is a live science presentation. The 105,000-square-foot facility now houses the largest collection of Russian space artifacts outside of Moscow, and the second largest collection of space artifacts in the world, second only to the National Air and Space cosmospherefront of building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Spacecraft and aircraft on exhibit here include Apollo 13, a Blackbird SR-71 spy plane, a flown Vostok spacecraft, a Sputnik, space suits & tools, items that have been on the moon. The Cosmosphere is the permanent home of Liberty Bell, the Mercury 7 capsule that was recovered from the bottom of the ocean and restored at the Cosmosphere.

Pictures of a few things we saw at the Space Museum.



20150603_180331APOLLO XIII ODYSSEY  20150603_175845 LEVA BOOTS20150603_175523 LUNAR MODULE 20150603_175313 20150603_155052

MARS EXPLORATION ROVER 20150603_144709 APOLLO XII 20150603_144603 20150603_142154 20150603_142020Pictures from the Planetarium – no pictures could be taken during the show so this was the dome before the show and the entry way.  Two very interesting films about space travel, past and future and a cool display and explanation of the stars in the sky that night.  Learned a lot about star constellations and where some of the planets are located.

20150603_15004920150603_144512Pictures from Dr. Goddard’s Space Lab show.  Dr. Goddard was responsible for a lot of discoveries that lead up to the making of rockets.  We learned a lot during the demonstration and explanation process. The smoke on the ground in two pictures was liquid oxygen.  It was used in the demonstration show and since ours was the last show for the day she treated us to seeing this!  We sat at the back of the room during the demonstration and were very glad we did.  Things went boom!

20150603_163306 20150603_163258 20150603_161301 20150603_161134 Here’s pictures from the digital dome theater.  Again pictures could not be made during the documentary about progress being made towards getting to Mars and future improvements to the International Space Station. These two pictures wee shown on the dome before the documentary began so I snuck a couple of pics! It’s a huge dome shape screen that made everything we saw all the more amazing!

20150603_165754 By the end of today Roy and I had absorbed way too much knowledge and our eyes hurt from looking at so much!

We  usually try to see free or not very expensive places.  Doing both of these in one day was a bit over our usual budget but it was very much worth it.  Being seniors helps with the price and if you saw one of these places you got $5 each off the price of the other.  That helped!

Well this old couple is ready for a little down time after all this excitement today!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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