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05.30.15 Welcome to Kansas, the Sunflower State!

kansasSaturday, May 30, 2015 – We have happily made our way to the beautiful state of Kansas arriving here yesterday afternoon. We stayed at a different Coast to Coast resort for one night on our way to Minnesota two years ago. Many years ago, I flew to Wichita for work a couple of times for computer training at our data center Mid Continent Computer Services. I remember loving the area back then. May have had something to do with my friend Diana 20150529_101806who was from there and I got to see when we went there. I remember staying at her parent’s home and her mom making this delicious pineapple casserole. You know it must have been good for me to remember it all these years! Diana worked for Mid Continent and eventually we got her to come to work with us at Alliance Federal/Bay Savings Bank in Kenner, LA. Great times and great memories with that girl and her hubby Jeff!

Kansas is known as the Sunflower State.  Since that’s my favorite flower I’m looking forward to seeing them here.  We took county roads after entering Kansas to avoid toll roads and to see the area better.  What a wise decision.  The wheat fields were beautiful and we saw several oil rigs (not the kind we see in the gulf but little ones).

When we stayed in Minnesota two summers ago, one of the things I loved was how their pine trees look like Christmas trees.  We’re beginning to see many of those Christmas tree pines in Kansas.  We’re also beginning to see a lot more nature rock formations.

I drove part of the way here, a very small part.  But it was my first experience driving on a highway with other cars20150529_113640 on it!!!!!  I did really well with the driving but pulling off the side of the road and not running into a highway light pole was almost a disaster.  I slammed on the brakes to not hit the pole which sent Roy and our kitchen trash can flying.  Roy’s not broken but the trash can is.  So I passed the driving part but not the stopping part.  I need to know how to do this in an emergency but Roy’s not ready for me to drive again any time soon!

We are now comfortably set up at Spring Lake RV Resort in Halstead, Kansas.

spring lake entryIt’s the biggest RV park in the state.  Where we are parked is pretty far from the entrance but not too far from the clubhouse where food and ice cream are served!  We are pretty much in a big field with streets down it and full hookups.  Should make for some nice peaceful sitting and reading outside.  In the last month I have not read as much as usual, so maybe I can get back to the wonderful world of reading while we are here.

When we know what we’ll be doing this next week in this area, I’ll let ya’ll know too!

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