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05.28.15 Part Two – Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens and Observatory

1239871_424507554319814_426618956_nThursday, May 28, 2015 – The second half of our visit to Oklahoma City was spent enjoying the beauty of their Myriad Gardens and Observatory. Click here to read the post about the first half of our day.

This amazing place is smack dab in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City.  I thought how nice it would be for New Orleans to have the raunchy part of the French Quarter plucked out and this type of beauty put in its place.   Right behind much of the beauty were skyscrapers where people were working.  How wonderful this must be to work in this beautiful and clean city and get to spend time in the gardens.


Aerial view of the gardens and conservatory I found on the internet!

20150528_143429 20150528_143520 20150528_143547   20150528_143829 20150528_143839 20150528_143855 20150528_144032 20150528_144252 20150528_144534    20150528_144706 20150528_144735 20150528_144941The pictures below are from within the The Crystal Bridge Tropical Observatory, the round building below.


From their website: The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory’s unique design has earned attention and praise in the architectural community. It is 224 feet long, 70 feet in diameter, and is covered by 3,028 sections of translucent, double-layered acrylic panels. The Conservatory includes 13,000 square feet of plant display area in two distinct climates: the Tropical Wet Zone, which is at the south end and is watered daily; and the Tropical Dry Zone at the north end which receives water from April through September, followed by drought from November through March. Some 2,000 varieties of plants and a 35-foot waterfall round out the spectacular features of the Conservatory.
 20150528_145253 20150528_145309 20150528_145354 20150528_145816   20150528_15013520150528_145318 20150528_145445 20150528_145531 20150528_145914 As I press the PUBLISH key to get this out to ya’ll we are on the road north headed to Wichita, Kansas for a week. The route we are taking is more scenic than interstate so it will take us a little longer than usual to get there.  It should be a four hour trip but as usually happens with us since we stop a lot it could take 6-8 hours!  The weather is already drying up as we get out of the rainy area we were in.  Hope this continues!
Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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