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05.22.15 – Our first storm shelter!

oklahomaMay 21, 2015 – Here we are in the beautiful state of Oklahoma!!!  The first picture below is me looking rather ratty as we arrived in Oklahoma at their Visitors Center.  This really nice lady loaded me up with books and magazines of everything to see in and around Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma sign on a nearby tower looked so cool that I had to take a picture.

wpid-20150521_141012.jpg wpid-20150521_141519.jpgWe (Roy, not I) drove a little over 250 miles today to reach Checotah, Oklahoma where we are staying at Terra Starr RV Park.  This is a Coast to Coast Resort but since we stayed the last two weeks in a Coast to Coast resort we have to be out for one week before staying in one again.  Terra Starr also accepts Passport America so that’s what we’re using to give us a discounted rate of $12 per night plus $1 for 50 amp service.

wpid-20150521_173221.jpg wpid-20150521_173433.jpgThis is a good size park with very clean buildings and grounds  Their pool is sparkling so I’m hoping we have a little warmer weather while we’re here so we can enjoy a dip.  I am always looking for cooler weather and this is perfect for general living, just not swimming.  It is cool with a slight breeze right now and we’re sitting out under the trees next to us enjoying some relaxing after the long drive.

1891054_10152192782495999_1434863462_nRoy made it through a very stressful first part of our trip driving through all the winding curves of the Arkansas mountains.  That flatland Louisiana boy is not use to that!  The second half was in mostly flat Oklahoma land.

I worked for about an hour for RVillage which is kind of fun to do on the road while the RV is traveling 60 miles per hour!  I learned some new stuff I’ll be doing this 1390626_461713077276289_1339535502_nweekend and on Memorial Day.

One thing I’ve never seen before, which they have at this park, is a storm shelter.  First thing I saw upon checking in was a notice of bad weather coming over the weekend.  The check in lady told me where the shelter is and that it will always be open.

What a blessing to pull up at our spot and find out we are right across the street from the storm shelter.  It’s decoratively painted on the outside,  I guess so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.  We went over to look in and took a couple of pictures.  This is a novelty to me that I hope I never have to be in during bad weather. This is inside:   wpid-20150521_173628.jpgwpid-20150521_173636.jpgThis is outside:

wpid-20150521_172858.jpg wpid-20150521_172926.jpg wpid-20150521_172915.jpg I am quite thankful it’s across the street from us and that the clubhouse is next door where they serve Ice Cream in the evenings for the guests!!!!  The swimming pool is right next door with volleyball, tennis and basketball courts nearby. wpid-20150521_172952.jpg

The park is on Lake Eufaula which has risen over its banks as it seems much of the rivers in northern Arkansas and this part of Oklahoma has done over the last several days.  We’re far enough away from the lake that I hope it will not come visit us!  We just came back from taking a walk down there and what a sight!!!  I’ll write about that and share pictures tomorrow.

We’re both looking forward to the next few days of resting, sightseeing and visiting with friends.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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