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05.21.15 Satellite Woes AND New Phone App!

Thursday, May 21, 2015 – Today’s blog is written by the one and only Roy Chauvin.  That is my hubby who agreed to write about a new phone app he thinks is great, and the whole story around it!

Take it away Mr. Chauvin!

smiley dividerIf you have satellite service in your RV then you are probably aware of the issues of receiving the major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. We subscribe to Dish Network. We used to have distant network service which would allow us to get these channels from both the east and west coast. Unfortunately this service is no longer available.

Local channels are still available on DISH but they are restricted to the stations of the area you are in. We must call Dish every time we relocate and have them turn on the local networks, but it’s a hassle if you move around a lot like we do.

At Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort where we last stayed, we had no phone service on Verizon. Using the parks Wi-Fi I was able to go to the DISH webpage and used the chat option and attempted to change our local channels. This did not go well and I tried 4 times to get the locals through their chat. The last time I was told that it would be necessary for me to update my equipment to get the local channels.

At this point I decided to go into town the next morning to the local RadioShack which is also a Dish Network dealer. A very nice man named Tony was very helpful and gave me all the skinny of DISH network. I learned that Dish has satellites in both the eastern and western arc and DISH is moving the locals to the eastern arc for High Definition (HD) but are still available in the western arc in Standard Definition (SD). This is being done to take advantage of the features in the new Hopper.

Mr. Tony used his retail account to call DISH for me (remember we had no cell phone service at the park we were in). It turns out that DISH had set my locals to the eastern arc and that’s why we were not getting them.

Our system consist of a Winegard Trav’ler SK-1000 Dish and a VIP-722K DVR receiver. The Trav’ler dish only picks up the satellites in the western arc. I hope that Winegard will come out with a Trav’ler that will work in the Eastern arc. I would like to upgrade my system to the Hopper. Mr. Tony was able to have DISH reset our local channels to the western arc so we now have the local channels but not in HD.

He also turned me on to a great phone app called Dish Pointer Pro. It is a great little app that I feel should be in every RV’s toolbox that uses satellite TV. It is not a free app and will set you back about $20.00 but wouldn’t you like to know if you can get clear satellite reception before you setup your RV in that spot? Just open the app and point it towards the sky. It will show you all the satellites for both DISH and DirecTV whether it is in the eastern or western arc. If something is blocking the signal from a satellite you will be able to see it in the camera view.

1 2

Here is a description taken straight for their webpage.

DishPointer Pro: Point your phone towards the sky to see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any line of sight (LoS) issues and the look angles. Couldn’t be easier to install your sat dish with this augmented reality satellite finder.

*** 14 day money back guarantee, hassle-free ***

+ SCREEN Capture: no line of sight issues
+ Works with all geostationary satellites
+ Works everywhere around the world
+ No Internet access needed to operate it (occasionally it is required)
+ Add, edit and delete satellites
+ Select favorite satellites
+ Azimuth, elevation and skew results

A special thanks to Tony from J & J SATELLITE & COMMUNICATIONS for all your help.

3That wraps up today’s RV tip from Roy Chauvin!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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