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05.15.15 An evening of mountain music!

298087_509387402456576_928255323_nFriday, May 15, 2015 – Roy made another attempt at fly fishing and lost three lures.  He’s pretty determined to get this right so he’s been watching online videos.  Tomorrow is another fishing day so we’ll see how it goes!  These pictures are from yesterday.

roy fly fishing tiny catch
Roy’s one and only catch – a real tiny one!!!

wpid-20150514_162135.jpg wpid-20150514_162858.jpgThis afternoon I worked on gathering information about RV parks and the things on our list of must sees in Oklahoma.  We’ll get to visit with friends while we’re there also! Matt and Alanna Traylor near Tulsa and Susan Randles near OK City!  Pretty much have plans firmed up. Right now it includes staying in the Terra Starr Park in Checotah, OK for a few days (near Tulsa) and the AAA Adult Park (hope there’s no nudes!) in Newcastle, OK (near Oklahoma City).

We still have the Blanchard Springs Cave to visit and Go-Karting to do here in Mountain View!   Plus as much pickin as we can fit in before we leave Thursday the 21st.

We went to hear an evening of  music at various locations around downtown Mountain View.  We started out eating BBQ, and then made our way to the place we went to earlier this week. We sat down at a table against a wall of pictures.  They were all deceased pickers honored on the wall.  The picture right next to me was Donnie Smith, Elizabeth Halpin Smith’s husband Freddy’s dad.  A really nice couple (also from Louisiana) took a picture of us next to the wall of pictures.

MV Donnie Smith picture mv memory plaque mv memory wall r and r mv memory wall royAfter eating we headed over to the pickin park to hear more mountain music! As the evening went on, more and more people came out and more pickers joined the group.


This video doesn’t exist

A young girl, Mary Parker age 10 joined the group and pulled out her violin.  Could she play and kick up a storm!!!!  She danced first with the group, then played her violin with the group and sang a couple of songs.  She was adorable and very very talented!  The crowd really enjoyed the addition of Mary to the group and clapped and tapped to the music. That’s not to take anything from the group of men who played all evening.  Here’s a couple of videos of young Mary doing her thing!  They are fairly short videos.

Here she is two years ago singing and playing.  It’s 9 minutes long but she’s so adorable I had to share!

There were guitars, mandolins, banjos and guitars.  People came and went but the crowd grew all evening until the rain started and all the folks on the outside started to scrambling to get cover or left.  That was around 9 PM which meant we were out there four hours.

We strolled over to another pickin spot and enjoyed the music there for a while.  There I spotted my buddy Elvis and we took a picture together!!


These were just a couple of spots around town where pickin was going on!  We enjoyed this evening immensely and left with a song in our hearts!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Music Sunset Photo With Scripturecooltext1838781539

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