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05.10.15 – Part Two Mountain View City Park

Sunday, May 10, 2015, Part Two– We learned some sad news upon arriving back in Mountain View this trip. The man we just loved who owned Mellon’s Country Store, Pappy Mellon, has retired. We looked forward so much to seeing him again and sitting a spell visiting like we did before. The place is exactly the same but he’s not around spreading his Arkansas charm any longer.

We stopped at Mellon’s Country Store on Saturday and picked up some cinnamon hard candies for Chip and Madisyn and a bag for us. Here’s some pictures of the unique things they have there and how quaint it is out front.  The “stool sample” made me laugh out loud in the store!

20150509_160054 20150509_160226   20150509_161016 20150509_161026

We went on into town to get a feel for where things we want to see are located. We saw signs that showed the City Park was this way so we followed the sign and passed in front of the park thinking it wasn’t too much. We turned around and went back, pulling in towards the back. What we found there was amazing. This place has nooks and crannies filled with beauty you can’t imagine. The pictures below are of the amphitheater there at the back of the park. You enter it from the street level and walk down many stone steps to where the audience would sit. In front of that is a beautiful creek and waterfall running under the bridge. Walking across the bridge takes you to where the performances were held. It was all an incredible sight!

20150509_164826 20150509_164909 20150509_165000 20150509_165322 20150509_165418 20150509_165504  20150509_165704  20150509_165858 20150509_170122 20150509_170330 I couldn’t help but take several videos but none came out well.  Please use your imagination as to the waterfall sound and the streaming brook sound and us dancing around for you as we pretend to perform!  We may have to go back again when it’s sunny and spend some time sitting there enjoying the surroundings.  Plus we could make a good video and perform for ya’ll!

Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday and come back now, ya’ hear!

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