Amite house construction

5.6.15 We’re back on the road again headed to Arkansas!!!!!!

1085b_5da6Wednesday, May 6, 2015 –  With Dora and Boots all cleaned up, everything that can fall off a shelf or counter in Dora placed in a safe location and new renters all settled in, we left Amite, LA for an unknown length of time10406408_1099871690039104_7692289742405315619_n.

This is a day we sometimes never thought would get here. It has been over a year since we came back to Louisiana to sell our house in Hammond and then to build a new one in Amite.   We’ve been blessed with a lot of visits with family, church family and friends.  I hope ya’ll will keep up with our travels and let us know what’s new in your life through an email at, or a comment here on the blog.   Comments are not published automatically.  I get an email with the message and if I approve the message, it will go on the site.  If you write me something personal I’ll know not to put it out there for every one. You can also choose to follow our blog by clicking on the word “follow” on the right hand side, entering your email address and then responding to the email they will send you to verify you really want to follow.  Every time I publish a new post you’ll get an email from Dora and the Explorers!

1477879_10151989765786704_1116182477_nWe’ll travel as far as we want to today and finish the 470 mile trip to Mountain View, Arkansas on Thursday.   We try not to exceed 250 miles in one day, just so the trip is comfortable and not rushed.  This is going to be a real change for us from sitting in our driveway or side yard.  Kind of like starting our full time RV lifestyle over again.

One thing, other than family and friends, we will miss is our local TV channels.  We are major Channel 6 News fans.  Margaret Orr, Damon Singleton, Randy Rousseau, Scott Walker, etc. have always been our favorites.  We lose reception to those stations when we travel.  Got to look into getting news with them on line.  We stocked up on some southern food that we found are not available elsewhere.

We’ll definitely miss our visits with Madisyn and Chip. they both give us the best hugs, full of love!   I skipped 10423877_906058012744612_2307636227029972965_nyesterday’s blog because we did so much it will take a whole day to write it!  I’ll write it soon. We wanted you to know we’re on the road today and ask for your prayers for safe travels.  We’re up early getting everything ready to travel.  There is a lot to do to unplug this home of ours and prepare for travel on the road.


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