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04.25.15 Madisyn changed our plans, planting sod, bank’s credit report checking

things to do todayFriday, April 25, 2015 – All good plans are meant to be changed and ours are changed!  Just when we thought our plan was to leave on Monday, May 4th we found our our granddaughter has other plans for us.  Madisyn’s end of the school year program is being held at the high school the evening of May 5th so we will not be leaving until the morning of May 6th!  She specifically requested that we stay for that, so of course we are!

I have to share something we learned Thursday, in case it may affect you in the future.  We wanted to be nice and open a checking account at our renter’s bank so they could make their rent payments in the account at their own bank.  We previously did this for other renters at our bank but since there is no branch of our bank in Amite we thought this would be better for the renters.  We arrive at their bank in Amite ready to open the account.  The nice lady helping us tells us that since we have never had an account there they will need to run a credit report on us which affects our credit rating.  Wait,beautiful day god made it WHAT??????  Roy and I look at each other and our well laid out plan for the day suddenly stopped.  I recently had my credit score take a hit when they ran our credit report for a loan we were “thinking” about applying for.  It dropped our scores by 30 points just from that one inquiry.  Sure we wanted to be nice but not if it involved having a lower credit score.

We called our renter and he said no problem, use your bank.  Thank you nice new renter! We went to our bank and asked the question “If we were new customers would they run the credit report?” and she said “Yes.”  This seems to be something they are all doing.  When we told our real estate agent about this she was floored.  How crazy is this?  I understand doing it for a loan but who cares if I pay my bills if I’m giving the bank my money.   I understand they have to protect themselves against  bad customers, but I don’t see a credit report as the way to do it. Maybe I’ve been out of banking too long to understand this but I wanted to let everyone know in case you run into this same thing.  It’s everywhere!

blessed is nation whos god is the lordOkay, and here’s definitely a God thing that happened today.  Yesterday I closed our construction checking account.  After finding out we didn’t need to open an account at a different bank we went to our bank, as I said above.  On the way to our bank I said that I wish I hadn’t closed our construction checking account yesterday because we could have used that one since we already had checks printed and all.  When we got to the branch in Independence, and asking about the credit report issue, I asked about reopening the closed account.

The very helpful bank representative looked up that account.  She’s says it’s overdrawn.  What??? Turns out that I closed it the day before everything had cleared.  Discovering, while sitting at her desk, that I had written a check at the grocery from the wrong account a few days ago I was just slightly embarrassed.  Roy’s rolling his eyes and has a smirk on his face and I’m holding my breath waiting for him to scream or burst.  He did neither because, wait for this, the check trying to clear kept the account open!!!!!!!  So I didn’t have to open a new account or order checks!  Thanks to the mistake I made several days ago our banking efforts that day finally went very smoothly.

God is always hoovering in and around our lives but he’s been so obviously taking care of us recently that I have to share that.

This morning Roy picked up half a pallet of grass sod at Simpson Sod.  That much sod weights 1500 pounds so we used Chip’s neighbors trailer to haul it.


We started by laying about 40 of the 3 foot by 1 foot pieces of sod around the storage building, the back door slab and the front of the house by the stepping stones.

20150424_095732  20150424_101651The remaining 40 something pieces was cut into 20 to 30 pieces each and planted.  That’s around 1000 pieces that need dirt dug up, planting and putting the dirt back. Oh my goodness, what a chore that was.  We worked until late in the afternoon and had to stop with about 250 squares left.  We could not go anymore.  Chip helped us for several hours, thank goodness!   I appreciate more than I can say all the help he’s given us during the new house building.

be grateful annvI tend to wallow in the dirt when gardening or grass planting.  Since our yard has been a sloppy mess for a while, I had dirt from toe to head and it took two showers to get most of the dirt off.

I had my five year sleep apnea testing Friday night and will write about that in my next blog post.  If you’ve never had one I hope to take some of the mystery out of it for you.  Here’s how important it is.  I didn’t take action when my husband who told me, at least a year before I had my first sleep apnea test, that I was not breathing periodically throughout the night.  Because of my putting it off and also my not regularly using my CPAP once I got it I had multiple TIAs during the nights causing several lesions in my brain where information can’t pass through now.  When oxygen is not getting to your brain while you sleep multiple problems can happen WHICH COULD BE AVOIDED.  More on this subject next time!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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