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04.20.15 Renting or selling a house is Not for the Faint of Heart, but We Have Renters!

10325522_10152436276118903_1909418304734190750_nNo, I’m not sharing bloody gory pictures! Renting or selling a house is definitely Not For The Faint of Heart!  Round and round and round you go. Monday, April 20, 2015 – We have real live renters! A fully signed lease and their move in date is May 1st (next Friday). You know our story about the most recent attempt at selling our house on 11337 Wardline Road.  At least that was successful and I’m very thankful it’s over with! I was going to share the long winding path it took to get to having real live renters, with a fully signed lease.  Then I thought, who really cares about all that. We’re finally at this point and that’s what matters. The short version is that we tried to rent it ourselves by posting the information and pictures on overwhen we pray 20 Facebook groups and putting an ad in the newspaper. Lots of interest, but no signed lease. We did our best, but decided the wise thing to do was to turn it over to our award winning real estate agent, Jamie Johnson. She came through, as always, and brought us some lookers and finally the winning couple! Since the couple’s move in date is next Friday, we are now in “getting ready to get back on the road” mode. Lots of things to get accomplished before we actually leave. Several things have to do with our RV so hopefully I can get Roy to share that technical stuff for you RVers who read this, and would like to learn from this. 10344782_10152006363346577_4902687707157234486_nWe give all the Glory to God for bringing us to this point and are so thankful for His constant care and love.  If you have to wait and wait and wait on an answer from God always know that His timing is not (almost ever) the same as our timing.  We’ve been waiting for over a year to get back on the road.  God kept us here for His reasons which are always for our good. I will share in a future blog post where we’ll be headed since it’s changed recently due to the timing of our departure.  Stay tuned! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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