Amite house construction

04.24.15 The year long wait is over! We’re making plans to take The Scenic Route!

west scemoc rpiteThursday, April 23, 2015 – The year long wait is over! Our departure date is planned for Monday, May 4, 2015 and we are in countdown mode now. It was a highlight of my day yesterday when I made reservations for two weeks to stay at Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas from May 5 to May 19! We only got to stay there two days last time and can’t wait to enjoy it longer and explore that area before we head over to Oklahoma!

Yesterday, getting ready to hit the road, Roy moved all his tools out of the new storage building back into his truck bed. His truck bed is our garage while we are on the road. He put new blades on our lawnmower, cut the grass, and got it ready to send over to our son Chip’s house. The new renters have their own lawnmower so Chip now has a lawnmower to cut his grass with while we are gone. He’s happy!

He also dug out an area around the storage building to plant St. Augustine sod. The rain splashed the dirt  up on the building, making it really ugly and I’m sure it’s not good for it either.

20150422_183251 I finished up a few minor things in the house yesterday – cleaning toilets, putting some wax on a patch of floor and other little things. I removed all the cleaning supplies stored in the pantry and the house is locked up ready for the new folks to start moving things in. The For Lease sign is down and our agent is coming to remove the lock box from the front door!

Tuesday morning I went to Metairie to see my Neuropsychologist about retesting. I’ll be writing about that on my other blog if you want to read it. Here’s the link

Tuesday evening Chip and Madisyn came to eat and visit with us. He brought the Popeye’s and I made some banana pudding. I could eat banana pudding every day. We sat with them down by the pond, as we’ve been doing more of lately; enjoying the beauty of the area we created out there by putting in the culvert and covering it with dirt and grass. It’s been nice to have time, not designated for house building, to enjoy this beautiful property we have.


Tomorrow, Friday, we pick up a half pallet of St. Augustine Sod from Simpson Sod in Covington, and will be busy all day 10710782_789561357751592_2777229256040985242_nplanting that. If anyone is off work and wants to help give, us a holler!

We planted centipede seed a month ago and some of it is starting to come up. We’re just not confident it will cover the yard so we’re investing in more sod. We’ll cut it into smaller squares and plug as much of the house and RV’s yard as we can. We’ll be putting it down solid around those areas to keep the dirt from continuing to splash up onto the exterior walls of the house and the storage. We’ll make what we’re getting go as far as we can! That should be our last act of finishing off the house.

I want to ask for continued prayers for my friend Susan Taylor.  As she put on Facebook this morning: “Due to some headache issues, I’m having an MRI this morning to be sure the cancer hasn’t metastasized to my brain. I know the God of Angel Armies goes before me, and I would appreciate your prayers.”  Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

I will praise him psalm 28 7


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