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04.16.15 RV closet seasonal switch – brick garden border and pretty roses!

1897026_749015948443915_622098082_nThursday, April 16, 2015 – The culvert is still in place!!!  Just thought I’d throw that in!

Roy went to Lowe’s this morning to buy enough garden border bricks for the flowers beds around the front of our house.   We did not plan to do this, but rains over recent days have eroded the dirt and mulch we so lovingly formed into a garden.  One of the plants had no dirt around its roots since the dirt washed away so badly. It will just get worse if we don’t do this.

Garden bricks done on the right side!
After the flower bed bricks were laid down! No more mulch and dirt everywhere!!
Knock out roses that were just sticks a couple of months ago! I love these!


Our closet inside goes from about 6 inches to the left of the picture to the outside wall on the left where the window is. The space to the left is filled with shelving which is very helpful.

A little RV life information for those interested or beginning to live in an RV: In an RV there is generally little closet space.  We have much more space than normal, yet it’s only half of what we need to hold all our winter and summer clothing, so we rotate it all twice a year. We can hang around 12 shirts and 5 pair of pants for each of us, plus a coat, robe and well-worn, or stained work clothes.

Switching out the winter clothes we don’t need for the summer with the warmer weather clothing, and vice versa, can be a multiple day event.  That event occurred yesterday.  I put on my Return to Bruno CD by Bruce Willis and knocked it out in one day.

The off-season clothing is stored in Rubbermaid containers under the RV in the storage areas.  The in season clothing is in the closet.

All the clothing inside the closet that is going outside has to be checked for stains and washed if necessary, buttoned and folded up before placing in the containers.

My mama taught me that stains will grow if the clothing with stains 1779670_580289982108001_6143213862082352093_non them is stored without removing the stains.  Was she right, don’t know but if my mama said it, it must be true, so I do it that way!

Along the way I always throw out a few things that are just trash pile material.  I had most of a large garbage bag of throw away things this year.

All the clothing in the storage bins that will be used in the upcoming season are taken out of the containers, unrolled, sniffed for freshness then washed or hung up.  All the ones that came out yesterday were too wrinkled for wearing so they will all be washed over the next few days.  They got hung in the closet, so there’s not piles of clothes sitting around the bedroom waiting to be washed.  Now for the week long washing marathon in our tiny washer/dryer!

If you’ve just recently starting reading our blog you haven’t seen the RV we call home.  Here’s pictures taken in 2012 of Dora our RV.  Most of it still looks like this except that we’ve added stuff to it along the way!

Tomorrow we’ll go back to Lowe’s to buy more St. Augustine sod if they have it.  They only sell it on Friday’s so we have to wait till then.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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