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04.09.15 Santa Paul, Madisyn, Strawberry Festival!

10177234_536050113198655_3156623665855265446_nWe have not stopped the last few days!

Thursday, April 9, 2015 -Roy’s brother Paul (aka Santa Claus) came to visit the same day we had a visit from Madisyn.  Madisyn was so surprised and is always so well behaved around Uncle Paul, just in case he is really Santa.  We took them out to dinner to our local seafood buffet at White’s in Husser.  Here’s some pictures of Roy, Paul and Madisyn at home and at White’s.  Santa did assure Madisyn she was on the nice list.  Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret (she says)!

20150409_165023 20150409_184123 20150409_184141After we got home I saw on Facebook that a friend’s children had spotted Santa driving a Tahoe.  Lo, and behold, it was Uncle Paul.  Here’s the picture she shared!   What a coincidence we saw him that day and he was wearing the same thing!  Always a little touch of red even when it’s not Christmas time!

paul santa in tahoeFriday, April 10, 2015 – We took Madisyn to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival for the 12-4 children’s ride time.  The rest of the festival time is a lot of adults and this is the best family friendly time to go.  We saw lots of friends with their children and had a great time until the skies opened and lightening put a stop to all the rides and sent us on home!  I am really sorry we didn’t get to have any of the chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cakes, strawberry drinks and all of the other strawberry specialties that are offered.

Here’s some pictures from the festival and some of Madisyn rides and having fun.

Paw Paw Roy and Madisyn making their way down the side streets to the festival!

sf2  sf5  sf8Madisyn’s mom came to get her and we made our way home to crash from an event filled two days!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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