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Good Friday 04.03.15 Madisyn, Linda, Ashley and Nathan come to visit!

jesus eggsGood Friday, April 3, 2015 – This is looking like it’s going to be a great family weekend. Madisyn arrived early this morning to brighten up our day. We hopped up onto our bed and opened bag after bag of candy. Then we filled up each of the plastic Easter eggs.  She loved doing this cause she could nibble a bit now and then.  She’s such a helpful child and always willing to do so.

madisyn filling eggs

Roy’s sister, Linda, and her granddaughter (our niece) Ashley came to visit after lunch with Ashley’s son Nathan.

20150403_152334Nathan and Madisyn are great buddies as we could tell from their delight to see each other and get to play.  They each picked out about 8 rocks from our gravel driveway and I let them sit on a large piece of cardboard (from a box) with a fresh set of paints.  They very creatively painted each one and they are now part of our ever growing garden decoration!  Below they are flying airplanes and helicopters on Paw Paw’s computer!

madisyn and nathanWe had a wonderful visit, getting to catch up with Linda and Ashley while the children played.  When they left they took Madisyn with them to White’s for dinner and on to Chip’s house where Madisyn is spending the weekend.

Tomorrow we head over to my sisters house for our family Easter gathering!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

1 john 3 16


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