Amite house construction

03.25.15 Dirt and gravel Pictures, part 2

10426312_614176945378946_7052261678171350103_nWednesday, March 25, 2015 PART 2 – Here’s what’s left of the dirt grading and gravel grading.  We had a load of gravel delivered to raise the RV pad, create a second parking space in front of the RV and lengthen the renter’s drive way to beyond the back of the house.

Looking down the hill to the pond. All of this area is much smoother now.
A different view of the end of the culvert by the pond. It looks so pretty to not see the culvert any longer.
Ronnie, our contractor, and Roy walking around on the newly covered culvert area.
The back yard is dressed and the renter’s driveway is lengthened.
The dozer leveling the gravel the dump truck left.
The finished full graveled RV pad. It really looked beautiful to us.
Looking at the finished parking pad from the front yard
RV parking pad and expanded parking space from the street
A different view from the right side
Front yard
Roy putting the first of the boards down for the RV to park on top of.

Here’s a couple of pics of getting ready to landscape!

The adagio grass has gone from chopped off sticks to beautiful plants ready to be in the ground!
Mulch and dirt spread out ready for Thursday’s plantings

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ here!

psalm 118 24



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