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03.04.15 Light fixtures – yipee! BIG SURPRISE NEWS and HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY MADISYN

our days are for his praise Tuesday, March 3, 2015 My job today was to clean the exterior doors and to scrape and clean all the windows inside and out.  For once I’m glad we only have 7 windows!   I was surprised to find not much sheet rock and paint on the windows but they were nasty so they got a good cleaning.  Each ifyoure going to rise you might as well shinewindow took at least 4 cleanings and will probably need another before the house construction is finished.

Roy’s job was to sweep out the house, finish up installing the exterior door locks, and place all the boxes of light fixtures in the correct room.  He laid them out, along with enough bulbs for each fixture. I can’t wait till they are all installed!

 20150303_121436 20150303_121444THEN he started shoveling more mud which he says was going to end up in the pond but he wanted to shore up the entry to the culvert, just in case another flood occurs before he implements Plan B.  He explained Plan B to me but I think we’ll wait and let pictures describe it when it happens.

20150303_132234Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – Madisyn Ann Chauvin’s 6th birthday has arrived!  We won’t see her today but I’m sure the day will be filled with specialness for her!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISYN!

Our electrician, Jerry Joiner, and his helper are here today installing the light fixtures.  Here’s some early morning pictures of their progress.

20150304_09295820150304_093130 20150304_093102 20150304_093051 20150304_093023  Later in the day I checked in on Jerry and these pictures are of the rest of the fixtures installed.

All closets, pantry and laundry room have these LED lights
Round LED light for kitchen
1 of 5 smoke detectors
Kitchen bar pendant lights and kitchen LED light

Even though I don’t have pictures of the bathroom light fixtures yet (and they are my favorite fixtures), I am wrapping up this blog post because you’ll be reading for days if I shared the BIG SURPRISE NEWS for the day in this one.  Check back next time to find out!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

1 corinthians 2 9


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