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03.02.2015 Thanks to all of you – AND – The dam broke again!

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads our blog.  Our stats are soaring through the roof!  Golly gee whilickers! Don’t know exactly what you’re liking, just that lots of people are reading it!

sorrow and despairMonday, March 2, 2015 – My husband Roy is currently in a state of devastation over the severe flooding around the culvert this morning. I didn’t do all the work he did but I’m coming up a close second. The video below says it all.

You probably won’t see this as Sorrow and Despair but we are feeling that way right now. The 40 loads of dirt and 26 additional cement bags Roy put at the opening of the culvert nearest the pond went washing away this morning from the force of this morning’s rain.  The water is going in the culvert and ALL AROUND THE RIGHT SIDE OF IT.

Bags of concrete, chunks of concrete, sheet rock, nails and everything else that was shoved along the right side of the culvert are gone.  Most everything on the left side is still there since the heavy flow didn’t break through on the left side.  It is about the saddest sight we could see this morning.

So much work and so much effort gone.  Lots of pictures following from later in the day when things slowed down. You can see a huge difference between the rush of water earlier and what’s going through it now:

A ball near the top left, a cup and paper from somewhere after the storm. Can’t see our sheet rock, nails, cement bags, etc. They must have sunk or are at the other end of the pond.
Beautiful pines with water droplets!
Much later after Roy transferred the six remaining cement bags from the right end to the left end whee the water goes into the cement.

20150302_12370320150302_124038  20150302_123752  20150302_123918

Roy’s brilliant mind is probably formulating a Plan B for the culvert issue but I don’t dare ask him about it now.  We have to get through this mourning stage before I dare do that!  He has already moved the remaining cement bags from the pond end to the woods end to create a larger barrier.  We’re anticipating rain most of the week so hopefully this will take care of that or at least reduce the possible damage.

Our wonderful painters, Toxey Koehn, and his crew are finished up all the painting the can do for now.  Now I get to go in there and clean up the floors real good and set out all the lighting fixtures so the electrician, Jerry Joiner, can install them early Wednesday.  Some of our budget overage is due to us picking out the light fixtures we wanted instead of the ones in the budget…… Once he has the lights installed the Washington St Tammany Electric Cooperative will come out and connect permanent electricity to the house.

Later in the week the cabinets, counter tops and air conditioning unit will be installed.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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1 thought on “03.02.2015 Thanks to all of you – AND – The dam broke again!”

  1. I know Roy will have an answer to the flood problem. I am asking God to keep Roy patient while he is putting it together.


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