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01.19.15 Nice light yellow storage building

Roy and I shopped for a storage building for some time.  We decided upon the Heartland Rainer Gambrel Wood Storage Building from Lowe’s.  It’s a 10 x 10 building with a storage loft inside.

We bought it as a kit for $998 (plus tax and $65 delivery) instead of paying $2,000 for one already built.  As time went on we saw the total cost adding up to over $1,500.  I’ve written about why the cost is now so high so I want to show you what it took to get it finished.

We bought our four house fans today and we now have a place (other than our RV bed) to store them and the lighting fixtures we’ve been acquiring!

Since these pictures were taken earlier today I painted the bottom edge of the exterior (yes I painted some dirt too!) We are both so happy with the finished building.  Love the storage space, the loft, the color and Roy especially loves that all that is finished!  When we get the felt paper, shingles and door lock it will really be finished!

On to more tree and bush cutting/cleaning out tomorrow and HOPEFULLY the framer will start Thursday!


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