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12.31.14 Jim Carrey ain’t got nothing on us! I’ve got the power……!

Just a quick post to share that after almost 3 weeks of boon docking in Dora, our RV, we NOW HAVE POWER AND WATER!!


Hopefully, we’ll have a septic tank next week so that will be the final part of us will be connected to something that makes life normal for us.

Grant Fauntleroy with Washington St Tammany Electric Coop came out yesterday to give the okay for the service folks to hook us up today.  He said Roy had all his ducks in a row and had prepared properly for their hookup.  Again Amazing Man, Roy.  Thanks to Ms. Sandra and Mr. Grant for making this happen.  I’ve heard good things about Washington St. Tammany Electric compared to Entergy and they have started off great in our book.

Roy’s outside right now connecting the well that was put in two weeks ago to Dora so the water should be flowing freely soon!!!

If you’re not an RVer, what this does for us is:

We can shower every day or multiple times in a day if we want to instead of every third day taking very quickie showers

We can wash clothes without going to a laundromat

We can wash dishes instead of them sitting in the sink waiting till we’re almost out of water to use water for that.

Stop using so many paper items – though I have to admit I like that part!

No long having to run the generator whenever we want to run the microwave, stove, vacuum, Roy’s computer and heater.

No more going from freezing to warm to back to freezing in the RV due to trying to not run the generator too much.

No longer having to use the spray water bottles to clean the countertops and floors trying to conserve water.

I’m sure there is more I’m not thinking of now but these are the best things that could have happened today!  Now we need the ditch dug in the front, the septic tank put in, the plumber and diggers to do their thing in the form and then get the concrete poured.  The rain and holidays have put us back a lot but today we are enjoying the first day of sunshine in a while and running water and electricity so life is good in this little Chauvin household.

I’ve always tried to find something good in every bad situation and for this one, I know that we are now much better prepared and experienced in the fine art of boon docking than we were before.  Whenever we finally get to head out west we will be pros at it to stay in canyons, desserts, ghost towns or whatever the west has for us!

Roy spent the last two days (and I helped!!) removing the culverts from the back ditch, digging them out (a lot), replacing the first one and connecting the second one to it.  That needs to be a separate post but I have to say I am terribly proud of what we accomplished.  That big baby ain’t going nowhere now!

Ya’ll have a wonderful, safe, fun New Year’s Eve, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!
p.s. I’m washing my first load of clothes!!!  Love that sound!


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