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12.27.14 Uh oh, all is not well in paradise!

Just when you thought you might not see Dora and the Explorers showing up in your email box or on Facebook for a couple of days, the big rains came and our new home is anywhere but in paradise right now!!

The two pictures below show the view from the side of the pond looking back to where we just installed two huge culverts.  You can’t see the culverts in these pictures and it does look so pretty seeing the rushing water pour into the pond and the pond is filling up nicely from the rain.

wpid-20141227_123553.jpg wpid-20141227_123602.jpgAt the other end of the culverts a massive problem was occurring before Roy came to save the day and worked very hard out in the rain to stop one or both of the culverts from washing out into the pond.  His legs almost got sucked into the culvert at one point.  The water is only suppose to be going through the culvert not swooshing by on both sides, under and through eroding all the ground around it. wpid-20141227_123803.jpgwpid-20141227_132840.jpgRoy purchased the items (see picture above) to strap the culvert down at Lowe’s this morning but when he left to get it the large and small culverts were connected and so much dirt hadn’t washed away.  Now we need another set of those items to secure the second culvert.  We’re looking at options for how to best hold these culverts in place permanently.  It’s suppose to storm again tonight and tomorrow so we’ll have to wait for that to be over to do more securing and just pray it stays in place till it dries out some

Here’s a video I took while Roy was working on strapping down the culvert.  This one shows the water rushing everywhere it’s not suppose to!


We want that area to be really pretty when finished, but obviously that will take a while, so when we get past this ugly stage we’ll share pics!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!


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