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12.12.14 We are moving right along!!

10325522_10152436276118903_1909418304734190750_n It has been non-stop for us since we left Hammond.  We moved to our new property on Wednesday.

On Thursday we went with our contractor Ronnie to the Roseland Health Services department to apply for our permit to install a mechanical treatment (sewage plant).

Ronnie, Roy and I met with the man who will dig trenches to bury the electrical service and water supplies to our RV, and 1620975_714387978591656_942445942_nwe met with the well man who are ready to come in as soon as we have our dirt leveled.   We also met the last of the house owners on our street.  All we’ve met seem to be nice folks.  We found out from him that the neighbor closest to us purchased the land we first wanted.  We like the land we did buy better and are happy he  purchased that just to park his boat and trailer on!  That creates a good bit of distance between the two houses.

God always makes things turn out how they should in his time.  His timing with this, as with all things, was perfect.

Later we drove around some to familiarize ourselves with the area and picked up rainer storage shedour lawnmower from Chip.  The health inspector called Thursday afternoon to say our paperwork was ready for us to pick up.  We went back to Lowes and purchased a new storage building, looks like a barn, fits in perfectly out here! It will be delivered in two weeks.  Then Roy gets the joy of putting it together!

Today, Roy got up early and  cut the tall brush on the left side of the property about 20 feet in width.  That gave me a much better idea how big that area is.  That is where we’ll create a pad for Dora and Boots to park while we’re building the house and when we come back in town to visit.   We plan to plant some azaleas and other flowers there to pretty up our little parking spot.

Roy then went back to Roseland and met our contractor.  They picked up our paperwork saying it’s okay for us to move forward with installing the sewage treatment plant. When we first moved to Hammond I thought having a sewage treatment plant in your yard was just awful.  Funny how that now seems so normal to me.  Guess I’ve become a country girl after all this time!  They also got our building permit and other permits we need to get started.

Roy wore our little lawnmower out cutting cut down all the bushes around the trees and used a small ax (real small) to cut back lots of small trees along the fence line.  I joined him for about 4 hours and cut back a lot of under brush and small trees, hauled all the trees he cut down to the burn pile and raked up a ton of pine needles.  It’s all burning outside right now.  We again wish we had the chain saw and other tools we sold !

We invested in a new heavy duty rake yesterday which was used constantly today!  We are planning to handle all the clean up during construction, so we felt it was something we can use then and today!

This was a few weeks ago. The tall weeds and brush on the left side of the picture are now gone!
This is the area where the tall weeds and brush were in the picture above. Roy took care of mowing them down this morning!
A different view of what all he cut down.
This was taken a while back. The brush growing this side of the little pine trees was very thick and most of it is gone now!
Most of the brush is now gone. Just need to get in there and clean out the rest and it will be beautiful!
My wonderful husband Roy chopping down small trees and bushes.
Roy on the mower plowing down whatever he could. I prayed the whole time he was working.
One area of tall weeds Roy burned yesterday.

Our property is pretty high and is higher than the other houses down the street.  We plan to cut down the dirt about a foot and use that elsewhere on the property to level things out.  Hopefully that will be done Tuesday.

We can’t boon dock too long since we don’t have unlimited water. Just an hour ago I took my first very quick shower in three days.  We will be moving to Yogi Bear Park in Robert on Monday where we can catch up on laundry, shower when needed and be out of the way of the dozer work.  I really will not like leaving here even for that short time.  We are truly country out here and even got to hear some cows moo this evening.

Here’s a picture, not really good because of distance, of some of them. That’s the pile of pine straw I raked up around the tree.


I hope all our friends who have relatives in Amite will come see us when you are in the area.  We have several folding chairs and you can enjoy sitting outside with us, enjoying the surroundings.

Well, tomorrow Madisyn will be in the Ponchatoula Christmas parade with her dance class, Stepping Up.  1557628_10151809459720806_84195362_nWe’ll be there to cheer her on with Chip.  Sunday our church’s adult choir will be singing their Christmas Cantata which is always outstanding.  We hope to have our family Christmas with Chip’s family after church Sunday.

We are so happy to be moving forward with our lives instead of parked in one place.  God has been so good to us throughout all of this.  We believe we are in the place he wants us to be and are most thankful for that!

Here’s directions to where we now live in Amite:

Take I-55 north towards Jackson.  Get off at the Amite exit and turn right onto Highway 16.  Go through downtown and several miles down Highway 16 until you get to LA Highway 445 (Life Way Fellowship church on corner) which is approximately 9-10 miles down.  Turn right, go down 445 for about 1.5 miles until you get to E. Bell, turn left.  Go down E. Bell about .75 mile.  Right past Gambino’s Buzzard Bait (sign on road to the left) you’ll turn left onto Rohner Rd.  It’s a gravel road. You’ll pass a house, two lots, three more houses, an empty lot and then our lot. If Dora’s here you can’t miss us.  Our address here is 60122 Rohner Road.  We don’t have a mailbox yet but we will next week.   Here’s a portion of a map showing the route from Hwy 16 to Rohner Rd.

rohner map


Time for us to crash for the night and start it all again tomorrow!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.


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