Home in Amite

12.10.14 We have arrived in Amite!

Our act of sale was this morning so we are now officially owners of the property in Amite, Louisiana.  We packed up the RV and moved up I-55 and are now parked on the dirt pad where our new small house will one day stand.  Roy’s building a fire outside while I do this!  We are having to boondock (live off our own electricity and water) until we can get everything installed to be able to hook up to.  We’ve never done that for more than one day so this will be a learning experience.  I want to boondock often while we’re out west right in the middle of nowhere.  One of the little girls from down the street came to meet us when we pulled in and right away wanted to know where Madisyn was. She makes friends everywhere!

Here are some pictures of our set up here:

20141210_161151 20141210_161214   20141210_161342


Just wanted to tell you quickly that we’re FINALLY here!  Will share more on our visit with Russ and Annie and our wonderful Trinity Baptist Church Children’s Choir Cantata!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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