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12.03.14 Sayonara Sticks and Bricks Home!!!!

azaleas Today we pulled out of our side yard at our sticks and bricks house in Hammond, LA.  Tomorrow is the final walk through and the act of sale, so we’re leaving the day before and getting set up at Berryland RV in Hammond, our new home for a few days!

Roy says he’s wondering if he’ll remember how to drive Dora after sitting in one place for 6 months!  He will of course!

Our last few days here have been very nice and we’ve enjoyed beautiful sunshiny weather in the low 70s. Our very 20141201_191205precious Madisyn spent some time with us Monday evening. We ate, we played, we laughed, we giggled, she made us a creative picture about God loving animals and we all rested some while watching a Christmas movie.   Tuesday Roy washed Dora and Boots – them kids were some dirty!  I washed the tire covers.  The tire covers, our table and outdoor mat were put away in our storage bins.  Wednesday we went to Baton Rouge to see a doctor and then over to Sam’s to stock up a bit before we move on.

Roy, Nacho and Rosalyn 3-4 years ago at Christmas

This is a bitter sweet time.  We loved our time living in the house, yet living in the side yard left a lot to be desired!! Our precious dog, Nacho, is buried in the house’s backyard and honestly Roy and I still go over to where she’s buried and talk to her. We miss her so much.  We won’t be going back to the house anymore, so we’ve had to say our goodbyes.

welcome to amiteHopefully early next week we will have the act of sale on the property in Amite, Louisiana and we’ll be ready to start building our small house.  We’ve been picking out granite counter tops and sinks, cabinets, paint colors, fans, light fixtures.  and finalizing the house plans with our contractor.

Our RVing friends Russ and Annie (Annie is now cancer free – Praise God!) are headed this way in their new RV and we’ll be spending some IMG_20140202_193806_637time with these guys.  We Can Not Wait for them to get here! We saw them at their home in St. Augustine, Florida,  earlier in the year.  This visit we’re gonna get to show them our home town!

We just arrived at Berryland RV after several hours of wrapping up things and leaving the sticks and bricks house!  Dora put ruts in the yard that we had to smooth down, the boards had to be cleaned and of course the wonderful poop lines had to be cleaned out.  After doing all that we pulled out and waved goodbye FINALLY to the house and my gardens. Here’s two pictures.  One of Dora pulling up to the street and the other of her going down the road!

20141204_11394120141204_114101Our gardens were beautiful and in full bloom when the buyers saw the house and wanted to buy it.  Now the gardens are half dead from the unusual freezes we had for several nights in November.  I hope they’re not too shocked when they pull up tomorrow!

Yesterday I posted this week’s “Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays 12.03.14” at: http://wackywonderfulwednesdays.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/wacky-wonderful-wednesdays-12-03-14-2/    Check it out!

Tomorrow my other blog, “Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s” for 12.05.14will posted.  You can get to that blog at: http://rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


1 thought on “12.03.14 Sayonara Sticks and Bricks Home!!!!”

  1. This brought a tear to my eye reading. Even though we didn’t spend much time together I will definitely miss you guys and blowing my horn at y’all as I drive by. Aunt Rosalyn and Paran I wish you all safe travels. May God bless the both of you as your journey begins again. I love you guys so much!


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