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11.28.14 Two new blogs, a house update, and good friends coming to visit!

happy friday 5

If you didn’t catch Dora’s blog post about dividing up the blog into three separate ones, here’s links to the new ones.

Friday’s Alzheimer’s blog is located at:  http://rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com

Wednesdays’ Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays blog is located at: http://wackywonderfulwednesdays.wordpress.com/

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Everything that needs to be done is done and we’re just waiting on the call saying come on over and let’s transfer this house to the new owners!  The act of sale for both the house and the land should be early next week!  Yeah!!!

Last thing that needed to be done was going to the health department to request an inspection of the mechanical treatment plant.  We did that, they came and inspected and all is good!

Roy cut the grass for again hopefully the last time and blew massive amounts of leaves off the driveway.  All his tools are now out of the garage and back in Boots, our truck.  My three storage bins below Dora got emptied out, disinfected and organized as everything was put back in!

I took several small samplings of my favorite plants from the house gardens and put them in a big Rubbermaid tub filled with dirt.  We’ll be bringing a little prettiness with us to the new house!

We went granite shopping for the new house’s kitchen counter top and the bathrooms and picked out something we both like.  We also decided on the color for the kitchen cabinets and it goes quite nicely with the counter top.

We are really enjoying the beautiful Louisiana winter weather, sitting outside whenever we can.

You may remember me talking about our dear friends, Annie and Russ, that we met when we worked at Northern Lights Resort in Minnesota summer before last.  We went to visit them earlier this year in Florida where Annie was having cancer treatment.  Well, Annie is now finished with her treatment and is cancer free!  Praise God!!  They are leaving Florida this coming Sunday and will be passing through here during the next week.  Don’t know exactly where we’ll be living when they get here.  Wherever it is, they will be parking their new RV near us and we’ll have a wonderful opportunity to catch up and enjoy each others company!

Roy and I hope that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Since the CHRISTmas season has begun, here’s an early Christmas greeting!

christmas luke 2 14

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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