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11.20.14 Dividing up the Blogs!!!!!! It’s begun!

Dividing up our original Dora and the Explorers into three separate blogs has begun!

Hopefully by next Friday everything will be complete.

A blue “FOLLOW” button is on the right side of all the blogs near the top.  Click below to go to the new blog and then click the ‘FOLLOW” button to receive an email each time a weekly blog is published for the two newer blogs.



If you want to follow the original Dora and the Explorers blog about our travels throughout the US and various other topics click on the “Follow” button to the right side of this page.

Friday’s 11.21.14 post about Alzheimer’s and next Wednesday’s 11.26.14  Wacky blog will come from the original Dora blog but future posts for those two will come from their own blogs after that.

I really hope that everyone who follows our original Dora and the Explorers blog will choose to follow the others.

Everyone can use a midweek giggle or smile and I hope that Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays will provide that to you.

Also, I hope you will choose to follow the Alzheimer’s blog since most of us will have a family member or other loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (or just someone you know).  I plan to cover a lot of different things about about this disease and a lot of it may apply to when you just come in contact with some one who has it.  Please FOR THEIR SAKE, read this blog and share with others.

Okay, enough blog stuff.  The weather in Louisiana today (Thursday) is amazing.  Sunshine and in the 60s.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those in other states who are being more affected by the deep cold weather.  All of our bushes and plants at our sticks and bricks house that normally freeze in late January have already frozen (earlier this week).  Roy said they all died so they’d look ugly when we left and I wouldn’t miss them so much!  They were all my babies but I am very grateful I will not have to do the maintenance on them any longer!  One huge perk of RV life.

Before I go, here’s a link to a news article in Southeastern’s Lion’s Roar about the Thanksgiving Servolution we helped with last Saturday.  Our son Chip is the guy in red serving.  The rest of us were there but are hidden by the workers in line filling up trays to distribute.   I’m so proud of the Godly man Chip has become.  I’ll still beat him badly if he slips up but I love the path he’s on now!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?

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