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11.06.14 Last family shindig at our sticks and bricks house!

family 1Sunday afternoon we had a banana split party with my sister’s family and our family. I’m so glad we got to do this one last time before we finalize the house sale. We’ve had Easter or Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving at our house for several years so this is one last family shindig at this location. The once little bitty children are growing up fast. Madisyn got to introduce Braxton and Bentley to her Roussel and Doyle cousins! The little boys fit right in following the bigger ones all over the place.

Annie (Dana’s daughter), Sally (Greg’s daughter) and Madisyn (Chip’s daughter)
One of the twins and Sally

We got to introduce Chip’s girlfriend Kimberly to my sister’s children and grandchildren and they got to know her some while we all chatted outside. We went inside to put our banana splits together but spent most of the day outside. It seemed a lot of us had blue on Sunday so one of the last pictures I took was of Chip, Greg and Roy all together.

Chip, Greg and Roy

Of all the days for it to be very cool in the afternoon it was on Sunday with a high of 62 and in the shade on the back porch it was cool. Fortunately for the children it was nice and sunny out in the yard where they ran and played all afternoon.


We’re looking forward to another beautiful weekend here in Louisiana and hope that ya’lls weekend is a great one as well.

Chip picked me up earlier today and I went with him to pick up Madisyn from school. She was very surprised and happy to see me (and her daddy too of course). We went by Paw Paw Roy’s office and surprised him with a visit. She loves going there and they’ve gotten to see her grow up from a toddler to now a school girl!

Roy with Madisyn sitting in his chair. She loves to be spun around in it!

I’m home now and am enjoying the beautiful sound of rain on the RV roof.thankful thursday

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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