Home in Hammond

10.30.14 More on the next step! Big announcement!!

friday 10The home inspection was done on our sticks and bricks house and we are awaiting the report! We met the buyers and they are very excited about buying the house.  They said she’s wanted an Acadian style home and he wanted a big garage.  That’s what they are getting!

We put an offer in on the land we loved in Amite, that I told you about last time.  We found out that evening, that someone else put in an offer the night before and it was accepted.  It was on the market for 5 years and then the evening before we put in an offer it’s swooped up and purchased.  As suspicious as it all seemed, we can do nothing but move on.

There is another piece of property to the left of that one, so we went back to check that one out yesterday.  Chip and Madisyn accompanied us.  Madisyn made friends with the little girl down the street and they played while we checked out the property.  The property rolls down hill to the pond so they enjoyed running up and down the hill. She’s sold on the property and Chip loved it also.  Here’s some pictures but they don’t do it justice!


from the back of the land
Looking across the road from the back of the property.
from front side of land
Looking back at the pond from the front side of the property
pond behind property
The pond from near the left end.

It was late when we got home, but our wonderful agent wrote up the offer late yesterday and we signed it at 6 am this morning!  They use this wonderful technology that allows us to just click on the document they produce in the place where we need to sign or initial and they have access to it immediately.

That offer was rejected so we reached deep in our pockets to up the offer which was submitted Friday morning. and we can now share with ya’ll god is good all the time 2that we are officially under contract!  We are both tickled and Roy is taking our contractor, Ronnie Glover, with him in he morning to show him the land.  We ordered the floor plans and have them now ready to start as soon as it’s ours!!  Amite, here we come!!!  Moving out of Hammond and up I-55 to Amite!!


I had a little vision scare this week but now that I’ve seen the retina doctor I can share about it.  I have the beginning of macular degeneration but it’s very slight and there is nothing needed at this time.  It may never get any worse, I just need to go back to the doctor if it gets worse since it may be becoming a macular hole.    To describe what this beginning looks like is that when I look at a letter on the eye chart I can’t see it, but if I look at the letter next to it I can see the first one.  Sometimes the center letters get all bunched up and sometime the very center one lays on its side.  When looking at the world my right eye compensates a lot so my vision is only a slight bit warped.

We are having our family over Sunday afternoon for a banana split party.  Yes they are all coming over again to our empty house.  The weather is suppose to be perfect that day. We’ll all stay outside under the covered porch playing and visiting one last time before the house is sold.  Kim and the twins are joining us for their first Chauvin/Rousell family gathering and I can’t wait to introduce our family to them!

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend


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