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10.20.14 It’s darn cold in here Paw!

1037_437250876324324_419294462_nHave I said my husband is just downright brilliant!  Well he is, again!

Day two of the air conditioning issues we woke up to find the front air conditioning unit working again.  There was still concern because it didn’t work the day before. even though it was not fried.  Instead of replacing both units Roy tried out something.  He 10580063_738909322825143_2708364797766031631_nclimbed on top of the RV roof for the umpteenth time and took the well used, but still functioning capacitor, out of the other currently functioning air conditioner and put it into the fried one after removing the fried one.  Well golly gee, we then had air conditioning blowing quite nicely out of the rear air conditioner.  After calling around he headed out to buy two capacitors to replace both.

As I’ve said dozens of times, he needed a tool to install them that he use to have but sold when we sold everything to live this RV lifestyle.  That was just a little set back and after a trip to good old Lowe’s he installed both capacitors and we’re back in business!  For $100 he got both of them running great, savings a couple thousand dollars since we didn’t have to replace the whole unit

Two days later and we are living cool!  Here’s pictures of the fried capacitor and the new one.

20141018_105300_Android  20141018_120532_Android 20141018_142101_Android
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

aa happy tuesdayt

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