Home in Hammond

09.25.14 A little of this, a little of that!

sainits socks
Our family Saints socks photo. Braxton and Madisyn were missing from the picture but I think at least one leg for each of the rest of us was included!

We had another showing this morning so I spent hours yesterday cutting the grass, sweeping, spraying down all the gardens.  When it comes to watering the gardens there seem to be so many and they all get dusty when the grass gets cut so, even though I watered everything day before yesterday it all had to be sprayed down to get them shiny again.  What an event this house showing has become.  Thank goodness we do not live in the house and have to make sure it’s neat too!  Still have to cut fresh flowers for the vase in the kitchen and bake more cookies to help the place smell homey!!!

There was a realtor showing on Monday and on Tuesday a different man stopped by and asked to see it.  Roy showed him around weekendand then handed it over to me.  He’s very interested and was even picturing how he’d put a fence around everything for his dogs.  We gave his information to our agent to follow up.  We’re in the running for two couples we previously showed it to so hopefully soon SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

Tuesday morning I had an epidural shot in my neck to help with pain I developed last year.  I had physical therapy for it several months ago and that helped but it gradually came back.  After all the work I did in the yard yesterday I normally would have been sore and in pain from that for hours.  But I have no pain at all and that is such a huge blessing!

Being in our hometown has some benefits like getting to go to Madisyn’s Kindergarten Open House!  Roy, me, daddy Chip, mommy Liz, mommy’s boyfriend Billy and son Josh made up Madisyn’s entourage for open house. With all of her entourage’s attention focused on her she was in her glory leading us all through the school.  We met her teacher, saw her classroom, visited the cafeteria and got an extensive tour of all the buildings ending up at the playground.  After she and Josh and a few other children played int he playground a while it was time to leave.  She was so distraught because as she says it “I don’t get to play out here much they make we work all day!!!”    Oh what a rough life it is for a Kindergartener!

IMG_20140925_181121_805IMG_20140925_182804_077Last Friday we had a special visit from our niece Ashley and her son Nathan.  He’s a little older than Madisyn and was so delightful.  We both enjoyed our visit with them a lot.  He loved all of Uncle Roy’s toys like the helicopter, guitar, and flying computer game.  Can’t wait to have him and Madisyn over at the same time.  That will be a kick!


I saw my eye doctor last week for my annual visit and to find out why my left eye’s vision was declining.  Turns out there is a film growing over my left lens.  I had this on my right eye right after the cataract surgery so I know what to expect.  They remove  the film by shooting laser beams through the film at several places over the lens.  They put a solution in your eyes and the film disintegrates in a day or so. Then we’re back to clear vision again!  I’ll have that done in two weeks.

We enjoyed a wonderful postponed Birthday lunch with my sister Harriett and brother in law George at Santa Fe restaurant here in Hammond.  It’s always fun to visit and laugh together with family!

We went to Madisyn’s cheering class last Friday and got to watch her through a glass wall.  She spotted us and got kind of silly but she’s really good at this cheering stuff! She’s the little girl with a blonde ponytail with the white shirt and black shorts.

I didn’t think much has been going on in our lives lately but we  seem to have been quite busy!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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