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09.03.14 RVillage, a Growing Church and Updates!

Recently RVillage went over the 10,000 member mark! This is an amazing achievement in just a few short months!


We continue to have 2-3 house showings each week.  While everyone has positive comments there have been no offers.  We’ve been here so long since we originally pressure washed that one of the sidewalks in the back yard has started to turn green where water falls onto it from the roof.  I spent the morning scrubbing that with bleach and voila’ beautiful sidewalks again! I also see the need for another weed eating project.  Maybe one evening when it isn’t so hot, surely that has to be coming soon!   saints atlanta

Last weekend the Saints lots their last preseason game. Southeastern and LSU won their first games.  Geaux Lions and Tigers!  This week the Saints play their season opener against their main rival the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome on Sunday at Noon.  Bring it on Dirty Birds!

The last two Sundays we’ve gone to our son Chip’s church, Soul’s Harbor. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to sit in a worship service with our son.  They are a growing church who last week let all the children go to Children’s Church souls harbor imagefor the entire worship time, instead of just part of it.  They will continue this for a very good reason. There are 60-70 children there and with them in the main worship service congregation, there were people standing up the building was so full.  They have doubled their congregation in the last few months and are bursting at the seams.  What a wonderful thing to witness.  So many people coming to hear the Word of God preached.

This past Sunday after worship service everyone walked across the street and shared dinner fellowship in what us locals schwegmann building smallcall the Old Schwegmann’s building.  This is a huge building that many years ago was a major supermarket in this area.  The owner, Ed Hoover is working with the church to allow them to move into it.  Chip and I use to shop there every Saturday morning (when he was little) and I’ve watched it sitting empty for way too long.  To see it being used now for a place people can come to worship God is a mighty thing!  I’ve heard that several churches have approached the owner about using the building but they’ve been told no, until now!  Moving their worship services there will give the church room to breathe and grow. And I have no doubt they will grow.Growing pains for God’s people!

I’m so thankful Chip is a member of this church and I believe that under the leadership of his pastor, Marvin Poole he is growing into the Christian man God wants him to be.  Chip is leading their softball ministry and if you know Chip you know that’s right up his alley.  We’ll get to see their team play in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to cheering them on! And you know there will pictures to share!

Sunday afternoon Grannie had a great time while Paw Paw, Madisyn, Chip and Kim were off at softball practice.  No Roy doesn’t play just observed wishing he could play again!  One of Kim’s twins, Braxton came to play with Grannie!  This is a first babysitting with this little man.  He’s the more reserved of the twins and it was wonderful playing one on one with him!  We played outside in the grass and visited our neighbors who loved meeting him, and then played inside for a while.  He’s very much into exploration and checking everything out.  I took no pictures, I know I always take pictures.  I think I was so focused on him that I forgot!  He cried once for about five minutes so I snuggled with him and he settled right down.  I guess I haven’t forgotten how to be a Grannie to babies!  Madisyn is growing so fast and is now taking dancing and cheer leading lessons.  She’s settling into Kindergarten and even caught the school bus to come home one day!  She’s growing way too fast!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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