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08.29.14 Our Football Teams – Saints, Lions, and Tigers

If you’re new to our blog we want to catch you up on where we stand with our favorite teams now that it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!  You’ll see them below and a little about why they are our favorites.

saints girlThe New Orleans Saints have been in my life since Junior High when the whole city voted on the name of the team.  We watched as the team grew in power and as they plummeted to being the Aints when everyone wore bags on their heads in shame at their horrible performance.   We got past that and the team started making us proud again.  There is a saying something to the effect of that the mood of the City of New Orleans is directly connected to whether the Saints win or lose. Something happened over the years that made Saints fans be loyal whether they lost or won or what happened.  The year they went to the Super Bowl was the happiest season in the history of the Saints.  Saints fans are ferocious, deeply loyal and over the top with our Game Day apparel.  I’ll collect some pics of this and share later in the season.

slu our team The Southeastern Louisiana University Lion’s are our hometown University team.  Chip and I graduated from Southeastern.  Roy and I worked at Southeastern for ages.  Southeastern football didn’t exist for many years when the state went through a budget deficit and was brought back several years ago.  it’s taken a while for the team to break out and make themselves known but last year they did.  And they did it big time.  Fall on Southeastern’s campus is now filled with the sounds of a band playing, people cheering, green and gold pride banners everywhere and a deep love for our school.  When football first came back to Southeastern the spirit level was low, it took time to grow and man has it.  School apparel and pom poms fly off the store shelves and they are starting to receive the respect they deserve.  Some of their games are starting to be shown on television which is a major treat!! The team has earned all this love and accolades by being the 2014 Southland Champions and are No. 3 in the FCS coaches poll for the current season.  I hope we can attend a game while we’re here in Hammond and show our Lion’s Pride!!  Lion Up Ya’ll!

lsu fanaticOkay what do you say about LSU Tigers football. I grew up an LSU fan, my oldest son graduated from LSU and one of my favorite memories in life was going to a home game with my oldest son and his friend Greg Blanchard.  We sat in the student section and while you may have to put up with some crazed, possibly tipsy students it’s the best place to sit.  The atmosphere is electric and rarely does anyone sit down the whole game.  We try to watch all LSU games but never again have I been to one in person.  That one experience will last a life time.  They are a powerhouse that teams cringe when they see on their schedule and fans are devoted to.

Football season in the South is one bright light in our extended stay in Hammond.  Sure we can watch them (not always) on TV from elsewhere but the atmosphere here is very much a part of the experience.

New Orleans Saints, Southeastern Louisiana University Lions and the Louisiana State University Tigers!  Our Teams!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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