2014 RV Travels, Home in Hammond

08.27.14 Things I have learned or been reminded of lately………….

10590596_838240359520890_3736574966766987380_nI have learned or been reminded of a few things recently.

One is that the heat in Louisiana in August is as close to HELL as I ever want to get.  The humidity slaps you in the face as soon as you walk outside.  When the lows at night are in the 80s you know the day time heat is going to be a killer.  It’s so hot as helldraining that just walking from the RV to the house is something I dread.  I love Louisiana but not in this heat.  Once we sell the house,  Louisiana (or any of the deep south) will not see us between May to September unless there is an emergency here!  Seeing friends pictures of leaves starting to change colors and enjoying weather in the 70s up north are so inviting!  A fellow blogger who lives near here wrote this that I think describes this heat better than I ever could.

It has been so hot the last week. It seemed like the heat of one day gathered up into the next with an ever increasing intensity. It was like a snowball of fire that kept rolling into itself and getting hotter and hotter until I thought I would melt yesterday. I hardly went outside at all over the weekend. 

pre qualified 32I learned today that when you request to be pre-qualified for a loan the credit report they run is not necessarily a “soft” inquiry which doesn’t affect your credit score.  It may depend on something about the bank submitting the inquiry but we had a “hard” inquiry show up on our credit record today from the bank’s inquiry yesterday.  Those do affect your credit score.  Be sure to ask the bank you apply with whether theirs is a hard or a soft inquiry before you get pre-qualified. 

I learned Monday that spending time with my son doing his job is fun.  Chip let me ride with him on his insurance agent route in Independence. I got to meet people who are his customers, see how they like doing business with him and welcome him into their homes.  He didn’t let me go into every home, but I do understand that having his mama with you isn’t exactly the image he’s trying to achieve!  He treated me to lunch and even drove me dozens of wasted miles trying to find one of the houses on land I was interested in.  That was of course before we decided to stop looking! I’ve wanted to beat and pulverize this child many times but he’s turning out pretty great!

This RV life style has taken us to numerous churches of varying denominations and worship styles.  My home church is very traditional Southern Baptist with a choir and a little contemporary mixed in (very little) and reverence in our worship style.  My son’s church is interdenominational, all contemporary with a praise band and music and nothing traditional.  What I was reminded of is that the Word of God is preached in both of these churches by two very different preachers both dedicated to sharing God’s word with his sheep.  I was humbled by the authenticity of their Worship when we went there Sunday. God was definitely worshiped and praised, just in a different manner than we do at our church and I’m thankful that both exist. 

I have learned that I will probably never get over putting two spaces behind every period I type.  Two spaces is old school but this two spacesgirl was schooled in that old school for decades and supposedly came about when computers took the place of typewriters.  I must have missed the memo on that one and it’s a habit I’m 110715_twospacesfinding impossible to break.  I know seeing those two spaces has given many of you new school one space folks cause to cringe.  I type so fast that when I try to force myself to only type one space it slows me down terribly.

hiphoplogo2I have learned that it’s okay to be an adult and be silly.  In fact I’ve learned that I NEED to be silly and not act like an adult all the time.  Children love you lots when you’re silly and I need children to love me.  The love they give is so important to my well being and I’m pretty sure it’s important to your well being too!  I don’t always follow the rules, though the important ones I stay-buck-and-krump-follow closely.  I l enjoy singing and move my hands/arms all around in the car while singing to a song.  I love hip hop and krumping, yeah, go figure!  When hip hop music come on my arms, shoulders and other parts start moving like the hip hop dancers do. I’m perfecting my chest popping right now! I already wear baggy pants like they do so I tried to learn hip hop and find I’m not good at it but I love it!  Hip Hop and Krumping are not intended to be silly but when I do it, it is!

I learned recently that if you inquire about something online “thinking” you’ll get an email reply that there is usually someoneonline-inquiry lurking behind their computer waiting for you to enter your phone number in the space required to be filled.   Just today I researched health insurance quotes in case we want to change.  Roy’s phone number must have been the one I entered first because he said that within 10 minutes he got calls from 4 different insurance companies.  I dislike this terribly, but now I know. I will be much mo’ careful about giving our phone number out.

Thanks to all of you who sent me recommendations for places to see when we finally get to go out west!  I learned of some places I didn’t know about and reinforced our desire to go to some already on our list.


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