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08.09.14 Prayers for Marcus

Pray2In a blog post a while back I told ya’ll about a visit we had from Marcus McMillian.  He’s a young man we’ve considered one of our own sons since we first met him years ago.  On July 4th at a family gathering a pot of hot grease was accidentally knocked over on to Marcus legs.  He’s had surgeries, skin grafts, etc. and yesterday his church held a fund raiser to help with the growing medical expenses.  Ya’ll may not know Marcus but I have a lot of prayer warrior friends who read our blog, and I’m asking those of you who will to add Marcus’ healing to your personal prayers and your church’s prayer list.  We have a picture of his injuries but I won’t share that.  Just know it’s really bad and it’s on both his legs.

The picture below is of Marcus, his mom Mynyon and his fiance at the time, Jessica.marcus

I can’t tell you what an amazing young man he is.  He FINALLY got married last year and they are expecting their first child soon.  When we were selling our house on Hinson Road in Pumpkin Center,  Marcus showed interested and bought it.  What a wonderful feeling it is to know that such a fine Christian man will be raising his family in that home, just as we did.

I could write a short book about Marcus’ accomplishment in his young life but I’ll just share that he won Southeastern’s Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service award last year.  This is a BIG DEAL to be chosen for this.  He’s dedicated countless hours to serving the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office in a reserve capacity (which sometimes was almost full time), hours in service to his God and hours giving of himself to all his friends who have called on him in their hour of need.  I know from times in our life we’ve called on him and he’s always come through.    The picture below is about him earning the Southeastern award.

marcus award

Like I said, we love this guy and obviously I can’t say enough good stuff about him.  Please keep Marcus’ recovery and his little growing family in your prayers as he goes through this difficult time.  He just recently left Southeastern for an new job opportunity and I think also praying for his job to stay open to him wouldn’t hurt!  If you’d like to donate to help with the medical expenses let me know and I’ll get info about that for you.







Thanks guys!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear



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