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08.02.14 Cheap Drugs – woohoooo!

dog smileYou young folks with no physical ailments or those with excellent health insurance and big incomes – you guys don’t need to know what I’m going to share.  Everyone else will probably want to!

Two of the prescriptions I take each month, Crestor (cholesterol) and Januvia (diabetes) are fairly expensive prescriptions.  My highest co-payment is $50 and each of those are every penny of that.  Since we travel I get my prescriptions sent to me 3 months worth at a time.  Three months of those two totals $300.  When you add that to the cost of three months of all my other medicines adds up to a nice little total that is more than I can afford.

When Roy got a new different, yet every bit as costly, prescription his doctor gave him a discount card so we could get it filled for only $20 a month instead of the $50.  Wow what a great deal!

That made me think that maybe some of my expensive medicines would have that same type of savings available if you couldn’t afford the actual price.  I went to both Crestor and Januvia’s website and sure enough they do.  After providing just a little bit of information I was given a discount card to print out and bring to the pharmacy.

It did take the pharmacy (Walgreen’s) a little while to process it (since it was the first time) but I will not have to do that part again for at least 12 months since it is on file now.  I now get Crestor for only $18 a month and Januvia for only $5 per month instead of $50 each prescription each month.

A lot of RVers and other folks are on fixed income and this kind of help with your prescriptions can make a huge difference with their finances.  These prescription discounts seem to be available through most drug manufacturers website under special savings or Need help paying for your prescription?   Check out all the websites for the medicines you take, you could end up saving a bundle!

We are still parked in our side yard in Hammond but have made a regular homeowner purchase this week – a riding lawn mower!  Yes we sold our fancy zero turn radius lawn mower with all the bells and whistles when we sold everything else back in early 2013.

You may remember we hired a wonderful young man to cut our grass.  Right after that my work with RVillage was cut back to very little work for a few weeks so we couldn’t afford the luxury of having someone else cut our grass and Roy started looking for a lawn mower.  We found several and went to Watson, Louisiana to look at one which we bought for only $300.  Here it is in the picture below.  It sure is not the always fun to ride zero turn radius one but it cuts very well (after buying a new belt and ordering some missing parts) and having it here allows us to cut the grass a couple of times a week to keep the yards looking inviting for potential home buyers.

blog3On the home showing front we’ve had none in a couple of weeks but we know that perfect buyer is just around the corner! I routinely run the water inside and still pull weeds and water plants every other day.  Roy climbed on top of the garage to throw and blow off all the leaves, limbs, etc. that had accumulated up there.  I blew the leaves from where they landed to a nearby flowerbed creating a lot of nice mulching around the bushes!


I am looking for either temporary work here in Hammond or another online position like the one I have with RVillage.  Applying for work to do online is an experience all in itself.  Very totally different than walking into someone’s office and meeting with them.  After having such a good experience interviewing with RVillage (they were very professional and a joy to interview with) I was very unprepared for the weirdness of other employers’ process.  I’m in the middle of a process right now that I believe is an employment scam.  I know how far not to let it go, but until I get there I’ll see where they take me.  I’m planning on a blog post about this experience soon.

We’ve kinda sorta adopted a little neighborhood dog that Roy named Dauber (Coach’s goofy assistant).  He comes to visit most days for some doggie treats and then scampers on back to wherever he came from.  We’re not planning to bring a dog with us on our journeys but if we did Dauber seems to have tickled Roy’s fancy and I think he’d be the one!

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