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06.21.14 Sunday Worship – reblogged from Dr. Randy Davis’ blog “Sitting Under the Kudzu Vine”

join us for worshipI could never express this like Bro. Randy does, so I won’t try, I’ll re-blog his (with his permission).  If you would like to read more posts from his blog it can be found at http://kudzuvine.

If you do not have a place to worship tomorrow, Sunday, please join us at Trinity Baptist Church, 42062 Pumpkin Center Road (off I-12) for Bible Study at 9:30 and/or Worship Service at 10:30.

Sunday Worship

In that time we gather for worship, it becomes a holy place where a holy people assemble and the court of our holy God descends among us. We are before the throne of God. Our congregational singing, our music made by singers and choirs, the words of scripture read and prayers offered and sermons preached are done to please God, for they are done in his court before his throne. When we worship God in his holy presence, there are no bad singers or readers or sermons. It is not about style or the kind of music we sing. It is all about God. We are there to glorify and honor God.

Worship is God’s great visitation. God comes upon us. In that kind of worship, the experience is transformative. We leave a little different than when we arrived because we have been in God’s presence. It is not an experience manufactured by the manipulations of music leaders or skillful pastors. It is what happens when we seek our holy God.

If you come to church looking for entertainment, you probably will not find it. But if you come ready to be in God’s presence and to express your love and honor to him, not only will you find God, you will find your soul lifted up. You will find that God’s glory touches you like a pat on the head or a touch on the shoulder and the words, you did well, I’m glad you came, well done good and faithful servant. Then he sends us away filled with the Spirit who guides us as we live before him.

It is my great desire to see the members and guests of Trinity Baptist Church to come tomorrow and stand in God’s presence so that we may glorify and honor God together. It is my prayer that we will experience the power of his presence.


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