2014 RV Travels

05.23.14 Saying Goodbye to Texas!!!!!

10171773_670865186296224_3897152367971599694_nYesterday was our last full day in Texas.  We’ve been here almost two months.

San Diego, TX was terribly hot, hurricane type windy, desert land with lots of flying dirt, and wide open spaces with people being few and far between.

Victoria, TX was only what we saw in the RV park which was very pretty, not as hot, and  less windy. 1511105_613865342024565_1463403022_n

Willis, TX and the Houston area are much more civilized looking, very populated, with light breezes and moderate heat with no dirt flying all around us!  I’m very glad we got more than one view of Texas during our stay here.

Much of the interstate around Houston for many miles is 8 to 10 lanes with 6 lanes (3 lanes on each side) for what I’d call the Service Road with the only difference being that the Service Road had stop lights at the interstate exits.  I’m not sure that the Service Road speed limit is much slower if at all than the interstate.

Here’s some pictures of the resort just left with it’s beautiful cabins and condos on the lake.  Coast to Coast rated it one of the 20 must see RV Resorts for 2014.

2014-05-22_17-56-18_712 2014-05-22_17-58-43_644 2014-05-22_18-14-51_277 2014-05-22_17-53-25_291 2014-05-22_18-14-01_68We are just a city or two away from Conroe, Texas where we got involved with the criminals and SWAT team during our brief stay there in October, 2012.   If you haven’t read about that adventure, here’s a link to it.


I had hoped we’d go back there to visit the scene of the crime but didn’t make it there.  We probably wouldn’t recognize the place now without flashing police  car lights and armed policemen crawling over the brick wall!

While in Texas we saw first hand their belief that Texans have that Everything is Bigger in Texas and that Texas is its own country and then there’s the rest of the USA!  When Mr. Bill was leaving for Europe I told him I knew he’d make America proud on their trip.  He corrected me by saying he’d make Texas proud!!!   They display on their vehicles, yards and houses more objects in the shape of Texas or a big star representing Texas than I’ve ever seen.  However, as bold as they are about their deep love for this giant state, everyone has been very nice to us and while I didn’t care for the elements here the Texas people left a good impression on us.

Here’s us leaving Bishop’s Landing this morning!


We’re heading to Kinder, LA outside of Lake Charles, LA now where we’ll stay several days before heading to Louisiana.

I’ve been doing my work for RVillage sitting on our bed with a pillow on my lap and computer on top of that.  I’m making phone calls as part of my job so I need to be in a room that is quiet and that’s the only one we have!!   My legs get numb and my back hurts so I presented the problem to my husband who figures all things out and voila a new work area set up is in progress.  If we lift up the bed, where you’d see our storage space, there are wooden braces where someone could sit on if they had the right seating apparatus.  Roy found a perfect stadium seat with a nice cushioned seat and good back support and it will fit perfectly in one of the storage spaces.   He also had a wireless keyboard and  he hooked up my computer to our bedroom TV which is much  bigger than my laptop screen.  I’ve been saying I need a bigger monitor so that’s hopefully the solution to that.   We’ll be trying that out when we get the stadium seat which is being delivered to Chip’s house in Hammond.  I have a small white rectangular shaped folding table that I like to use for my work so we’ll be seeing what combination of available options work out best.

My job has changed, again!! and it will probably change again and again as time goes on.  I no longer work primarily with Hillary as I was but now I work with a young attorney named Alex.  Alex’s job is Park Administrator taking care of communication with the RV Parks, and taking care of their RVillage needs. I am assisting him with that now instead of focusing on the advertisements that are being sold.  This old dog is finding out she can learn new tricks!!!


You guys have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Remember those who have served so that we can enjoy the liberties we have.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!





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